Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Season is here!

All kinds of presents under our lil tree now! Its feeling so festive in the house with the Tree bursting with presents and the thoughts of raspberry cheesecake and ham dinner is looooming in the future :)
Things have been going pretty well for Miss Madie... We traveled about 3 hours to Jersey to see my side of the family last weekend. It was a long day for Madie boo..she was not much into eating her ketos..which I believe led to the big bad seizure at 3am Sunday Morning..:( BOO! It was just alot.
Seeing my family was great..some of them I only see on Christmas each year! We ate yummy foods and exchanged gifts and gift cards and cash and played games and won was so fun. My Grandmother who is 82 plans the whole thing each year...we play games with numbered tickets and we win prizes like oh...say a new pair of slippers..but those slippers may have a $20 in them! :) or say we may be going for a 25 dollar card to Kholls or even the grocery store! (which I won 2 20 dollar ones for shoprite!) and we made a rule that we did not have to buy presents for everyone just the little kids...lil cousins will and kevin and lil patrick. and of course madie. :) SOOn we will have TWO more babies on the way come two cousins are pregnant and due annnyyyy time now! Madie made out with some cute outfits and even Miles won some new He also got a pair of womens argile socks and that cracked everyone up! I told him I am stealin them and he is all gung ho like "I WON THEM!" LOL
So yea...Grandma is huge glue in our family. Oh how we love her dearly. I wish we all lived closer. CT country is sure my home over Jersey but it is still hard to be so far away all the time. Hoping to get in a visit this spring or summer when its warmer..I know Madie has a spring recess from school so that may work...ehh dunno yet. :)
On Christmas we will head to inlaws which is only 10 minutes away(whew) and spend the day there. Looking forward. I will make a raspberry cheesecake and some world famous Piggies!! :) Other than that well we are just hangin in there. Things are happy in our home...It feels good. Miles and I are going to plan a weekend away sometime soon without Madie-San...I am not good at planning trips but Ill work on it! We TOTALLY need it! I cant wait!
Well all I need right now is my two loves this holiday season..cant go to any store and buy that :)
MAdie went little over a month (haloween week) without a big grand maul seizure...just wish they would just GO already! We have increased her calories and carbs just recently which doesn't require as many as 5 bottles a day! We can incorporate some mushy foods in there as well. :) haWe also had blood work taken to see how she is tolerating her ketocal as well..that was the tough part :(. BUT BUT other than her gettin blocked up in the poopy dept she is tolerating it very well! The Amazing Diet...Just Amazing.. SHE is Amazing...My sweet Boo Boo. We allllso have to get about 4-5 pounds on her little skinny mini! She was weighing in at 32 pounds...she is getting very tall but not getting too heavy! Gosh don't we alll wish we had that problem! SOOO hints the increase in her calories and adding some mushys here and there...hopefully in a few months she will be a lil heavier! (ohhhh my back!)
Someday my girl. Someday.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Dunno what everyone celebrates! lol
PS Blogger would not let me spell bear with me!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and that beautiful child of yours. I will wish and pray away the seizures. Madie sure could use a break from them and, by the way, I have retracted my decision to wean. I just cannot bring myself to do it. i just can't.