Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lil Updates.

Falling over at her Noisy Box and laughing...this little scene just melted my heart.
2 Big Seizures this month for my miss madie...and just one last month...twitches seem to be a little better too...they still come here and there but its by no means like every hour! :)! This Diet....The Amazing ketogenic Diet... wow. We just if I have not said already increased her caloric intake and lessened the amount of bottles she needs in a day.. 5 was a little NOT happening.! Sooo since then I suppose she has been good! So far! She is also finally over all her cold and ear infection and is in a MUCH better mood and sleeeeeping thru the night with no tears! whew!!
In Scary news... Baby girl is goin in on Friday for her updated vaccinations...I HATE HATE those times! Specially with a seizure kiddo who is so well....HAS seizures..Just know that she cannot attend her wonderful school without them! and I really don't want her getting all those terrible diseases! I see them as something we have to do for our kiddos but also afraid of the chemicals that are in them and get scared of her running a fever or just being "off". Sigh. Well the vaccination debate could go on and on...
ALSO next week in more exciting news we head to Hartford to get an evaluation for some home use equiptment...maybe get a stander or walker or BOTH for home..we have the loft space upstairs to put all the stuff...I cant imagine she wont be approved its just a matter of GETTING IT...that will take who knows...:/ Ill keep ya posted on that!
Its been a long weekend for sure..well MLK day aside..lol but its just been a long weekend..For Moms and Dads. Now this blog is always madie oriented soooo I really dont want to go into MY issues..but I am mending. (not injured dont worry) Mending emotions. Mending my heart. Mending...Soul Searching. Yeah...something like that. :)
I am also feeling pretty overwhelmed these days with LIFE. Im just repeating myself huh? Well okay then.
(brushing myself off)
Hope everyone is good and staying well...some snow on the ground in CT this morning! (Sorry Dawn...lol) Ill pack coolers of snowballs if anyone wants some!

Love, Me.

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Sending you peace as you continue to navigate the un-chartered waters of this life. Can be so very, very overwhelming, don't I know it.

Love to your Madie girl. Sweet thing that she is.