Monday, July 4, 2011

Not Really Much...

Happy Freedom Day!
4th July Weekend kinda turned into a rainy weekend in CT...but we had Sat which was nice and sunny and we spent the day at the families beach house spending night into Sunday. We had just seen each other for our week at outerbanks NC but it was still good to get together. :) Madie has been really good with seizures..not too many. But Sunday I guess we were sweet girl got hit TWICE. uuuugh. She was reallllly sleepy most of the day so we cutt our weekend short and went home to relax. It was all good in the end since it just rained and rained all sunday. Diet is still going..sometimes madie wont eat her bottles and some days she will..but we keep on. She will have an EEG on the 14th of this month. A short one. I dont understand the short ones..I mean what the heck are we really going to find. They hook her up and get her all gooey for such a short test. I say check us in and give us an overnighter. Reeeeaaally do an EEG. But I guess that is what doc wants. We have probably pushed the insurance to the limits. lol. Medicine remains the same.

Madie and Grandpa at the beach Ohh she had those legs up real hight as they got closer and closer to the water...
Such an unconditional love and sweet bond with her Grandpa..:) Madie even has her own dingie boat named Miss Madie. hee hee.
Things are going I guess..we are more or less back into the same ol same ol...Summer program is going well only on week 2 of 6 but those weeks have flown by!
OH another thing I wanted to chat about...FOOD. No not for my bog rear end but for madie. FOOD. Will she EVER eat it? So many "will she evers" for my Angel..sigh. There are pleanty of weird things I can mush up for her to try..I havea great food processor to do this. Its not a taste thing Im sure..its the mechanics of it. The chewing..the swallow..the NON liquid things..therapists can tell ya over and over to try this try that but I still feel that when madie wants to she will EAT. BUT will at the "conditioning" and trying help? I cannot have a big kid on Bottles!?! Sigh..dunno...try this try that..I just dont know. I am a feeding therapy drop out. But what IF I stayed with it? Sigh....Cant look back on past choices now. Id feed her bottles if she walked..can we work that deal out madie??
Wellll anyhoooo Hubster will be home soon and I gotta get the din din ready to throw in the oven. :) Hugs to all the mamas and the dads too. Stay Well.


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