Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation :)

12 Hours each way to get to Outerbanks N.C..I could have stayed another week. :(Lots of relaxing outdoors and walks thru shops and eating lots of great food and staying up toooo There were I want to say 20 of us.

Not really too much motivation to type a detailed long drawn out story all about our vacation.things were on and off with madie...I did not get alone beach time after the one day I brought her and she was miserable.
Madie loved loved the pool...MUCH warmer than the ocean.. I swear we sat in there for an hour and got all wrinkled. It was wonderful to do something with her and not have her crying or being sleepy. Constipation was an issue during the trip as well..we finally gave her a suppository as Miralax was not working...well we paid the price for that and she was covered in you know what!sigh...BUT after that she was a wonderfull kid! LOL

It was a great vacation..but to me a REAL vacation doesnt involve the kiddo in tow!It involves me and the hubster re-living the pre-baby days! With all her non-napping and crying over spilled milk it can get exhausting and I want to stay up late and sleep in late..LOL Ummm yeah...a gal can dream cant she?? It felt like we had to take turns staying up late..
Sometimes I would take her into our room and put the TV on low and read or just hang out with madie in quiet time...She was always happy as a clam with the one on one attention. *sigh.

There was a porch swing on the middle deck just outside our sliding doors to our room and it was a life saver! When madie was upset I would bring her outside and swing with her. When I sing wheels on the bus she lauuughs..LOL and one day I had the theme song for that old movie Neverending Story jammed in my head and she lauuughed...( I mean I totally did not watch that movie in the car!)LOL Swing time was nice time..just snugglin with my giggle bug singing random songs and making ranndom noises that made her giggle.."tee tee too too" and "dee dee doo doo" We had a rental SUV for the trip that had a super cool DVD player in it and I was on a memory lane movie kick...LOL Karate Kid, Lord of the Rings, Forrest Gump..and of course Neverending Story...

Well we broke up the trip getting there but sucked it up and did the whole 12 hours going home...It was long and when we all got home we all crashed. It was heaven to be in our own beds.
I coulda stayed another week.
BUT if we did stay we woulda had a pretty flooded basement... a couple days after getting home our hot water heater decided to kick the bucket and flood the basement.yup. fun times. Luckly the heater is under warranty but who knows the labor costs....uuuugh. We have a temporary fix on the thing now but we have to wait 3 weeks for the new mo-foe to come..doh.
Welll this weekend will be filled with yard work and 4th July BBQs...hope everyone is having a good one. Time for bed. :) Preschool Summer has begun too...WOO HOO! So far so good. Summer EEG on July 14th too.

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