Friday, June 17, 2011

A week off from the world. :)

This one we call "Stink Eye"
Well last day of Preschool has come and gone on Wed. Madie became fussy when she saw me and only wanted to go to sleep..well there was an hour left in the day and there was a party going on that the room mothers who are more like the "party planning commite" and take their rolls pretty serious with weekly e-mails and lists of things to bring to party that others have not already taken...Well I know darn well my Madie wont eat fruit platters or baby carrots...but I still made my mother in laws famous apple cake..sigh.
It was a tough party to sit thru..I just wanted to leave and take madie home to take her nap that she so desperatly wanted to do as her eyes were very heavy..but there is that ceremony of graduating preschoolers that we have to sit thru. I sat next to madie in her huge "adaptive stroller" (refusing to call wheelchair) and watched the kiddies get their Good Play Awards and recive new beach buckets filled with little presents...bubbles and a small ball and bubble wands and a shovel...too cute :) Well it concluded year 2 of Preschool AM...two of each project and 2 of each news letter..
Next year she will move to the 4's program in the afternoons..I really cant think about that now...we will have the meeting of the minds in the fall..
Tonight I type halfway thru our journey to the outerbanks N.C..We have stopped in Dover Del at a hotel for the night. Madie has so far been a wonderfull traveler...All of my travel meals have been pretty gross I am looking forward to gettingt to the house tomorrow and park ourselves for the week. I will take lots of pictures of our little angel. For now. Its almost medicine and bedtime for boo boo. Have a good week everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rough day to party. Hope she enjoys the summer break. We are also going to the Outer Banks (Nags Head) for vacation later this summer. I have a keto favor to ask of you: if you are in the Food Lion, could you check what brand of heavy Cream they carry. Don't worry if you are not. Have a great trip. Hugs!!!