Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer is Here.

Oh My Miss Madie...sweetpea. Was in a decent mood today..a little grumpy here and there but I guess I cant complain..

Spoke to her Preschool teacher on Friday and I am little nervous about next years schedule...She currently goes on Wed,Thurs,Friday from 9-1130am...I get her home and feed her and about an hour later by say 1sih she is
Wellll Next year we are looking at an afternoon program..from 1230-3pm...same amount of time but later in the day AND one extra day per week! So this makes it Tues thru Friday!. OK nobody understands how this kid works...I am going to have to re-program her! She gets up at 730-8am each morning and this works out great for morning preschool..then when she gets home she is tuckered out and ready to eat and nap.. This new day begins right around the time when she has been awake for about 4 and half hours...Lets say we BOTH will have to do some adjustments.....We will have a meeting of the minds at the end of the be continued.

Heading into Neurology tomorrow afternoon for a follow up...I dont expect any earth shattering news or anything to change...I am anxious to weigh my Madie and see if she has gained any weight...Seizures have been little biotches lately..I think we may have to adjust the diet ..we shall see how much she weighs first. Ill keep ya posted on that. We have not met with nutritionist for diet since insurance does not cover those appts..I occasionally talk to her on the phone.

Minus that pesky bug bite above her eye shes doing well knock on wood...Dad took her outside one night for some guitar playing and the bugs were insane! But overall not the parade of colds like last year when it felt like every month and half she was stuffy and sneezing up green..whew. Sucks even more that more than half the meds contain sugar! So stupid...geeze its medicine...clamp the kid down and give them their meds! not supposed to taste good! Its medicine! Am I the only one who just loves the soothing horrible taste of Robitussin? Ok enough of that rant.
In about 5 days we are headed on vacation to Outerbanks N.C...Duck to be exact. We have been twice and this is our 3rd time going...last time we went I had to dig a hole in the sand for madie to sit in since she could not sit and now she can sit on her own...
Not much else to report I guess...Its late and I have to get to bed. Madie put up quite a silly girl fight getting to bed tonight. *sigh*
Hope everyone had a good weekend and I will post before we head out..Leaving friday and breaking up the trip for the good of the Hilton Garden Inn Pillow Top I come LOL

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