Saturday, July 16, 2011

EEGs and Good Girl :)

Sorry been so long. :)
Welll things are goin. Madie was a lucky duck last week as she only had two days of preschool but one day was EEG time..
We opted for a 10am EEG this go arround since she gets up about 730 and an 8am one would be impossible to make. My wonderfull mother in law came with me too :) It was a gorgeous sunny day and perfect for going out to lunch after. Madie hate hated the hook up process..It was a woman who had run her EEG before and rememered my little screamer. I think the whole process of just holding her head and arms and picking at her hair just scared her. She was reaching out to me the whole time trying to get herself in her sit.If any of you have seen how the bundle the kids in Detroit for EEGS this was a pice of cake for her!! After that was all done and she was upset but they had a comfy chair and said it was fine if she sat with me so she slept in chair with mama while the flute music played. EEG was just what they needed. Woke from her short nap happy. I wanted to go buy her a present for being so good :)! Movements were few had a quick tonic when she woke so we shall see...Oh and maybe she will get a new tub tub toy for being so good..hee hee.
Madie has been on her Ketocal for some time now and I am unsure how much longer we will in fact be on this greasy shake mix..I would love to start trying some foods with her. Fruits and veggies..maybe mushed chicken or hotdogs..she has such horrible adversions to foods. :( Constipation continues to be an issue..poor kis screams when she goes or its an explosion! sigh...ehh we are workin on it. :)
Wellll its a warm sunny day in CT and I think we all are going to prance around our little town maybe price out some lawnmowers and hunt down some treasures at some of the cool used stores in town..Hope everyone is well and the kiddos are happy. Madies Auntie Brenda is in town from Illinois as well so I will plan a dinner too!
:) :)

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope you get some good information from the EEG. Is the keto formula known to cause constipation?