Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summery Days.

Well here we are. A Gorgeous Day in CT USA today. My Allergies have limited my outside time right now I am comming and My Nose is so chapped..I love the fresh air and the cool nights but I may go AC soon.
Just a lazy day on the homefront today. Spring Break for Madie is FINALLY over and back to preschool last week. The very first day back she has a big seizure at school. UGH! So off I went to pick her up. At least they diddnt call the EMT guys. She has been very consipated and not eating as much as I need her to eat...could be the issue. WHO knows.
Its been a good few days. Madie has been in a good mood for the most part and even survived an Easter at grandmas house. We got their early and ate early so we were home before nightime meds..which worked out well since Madie was getting SO TIRED. But it was a busy day. I made a bananna nut cake with creamcheese frosting that was YUM...the middle fell out after I baked it soooo I made a nice hole in the middle making it look like a bunt cake..LOL It was still yummy and heck its "only family" we eat anything! :) Grandma made a Deeelicious Ham and some Mashed Potatoes, Rolls, I also brought a salad and We also had chocolate cake and cookies..WHEW.. Start my Diet tomorrow...LOL
Madie loved piggy backs from grandpa too! Oh how she loves being up high and seeing the world. Gosh, if only she would get on her feet to explore..sigh. I keep strong hope for that day..
Hope everyone had a great Easter :) That is about it in a nutshell.
OMG I have to
My Cat brought in a live mouse the other day too...was unsure if it had been in house a day or two...found it under the baseboard heating...then I moved the shelves from the wall and there were droppings...ACK. So the thing scurried away from me..and I have no idea where it went. ugh. Left the doors open for a little while and have not seen it. sso grosss! May set a trap in the basement incase it went there..too much stuff to hunt thru to actually look for it down there! I am always shining my flash light in the
Ohh the Joys.
Not much really going on...I think I have mentioned that Insurance has finally agreed to pay 80 percent of the cost of madies Ketocal..AT LAST!
AND madies big girl bed is still not here YET I am so stoked to see this bed! Have her sleep in a bed where she doesnt get stuck in the corners anymore..LOL
Hope everyone is well..I gotta go get the stinky kid in the tub tub now. :)

Oh and are we done with the Royal Wedding already?? Eat a Burger Katherine!!
(mmmmm Burgers.....)

:) Me.

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