Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Girl Beds and Answered Prayers...

Just like that yesterday we went to the bedstore and got madie the prettiest little daybed..its white so it matches her other furniture in her room..and has 3 sides on it..(ok we all know what daybeds are..duh) But its perfect! Hopefully when all said and done and set up and after we buy a detatchable railing for the open side it will work out well :)! My Big Girl is WAY too squirmy and rolly in her crib..
Yeah well it cost alot but we also got a mattress too and a mattress protector as well..which will be worth it.
AND Just like that Insurance has decided that once we reach our deductable as far as paying for Ketocal they will soon cover 80% of the cost!!(we will most likely have one more month out of pocket to pay full) Ok still a hundread some-thing a month but not 600-something! AMEN!! I am still in shock and really wont sink in till I am ready to pick up the lastest stash and its not 37 bucks a can! I cannot count the months it has taken to get this achieved. With enough hope and pushing and pushing anything can be done! I am firm believer in that now..

ANOTHER thing...well diet related..We have just aquired a scale to weigh her ketocal so we can give her the propper 40grams that the Nutritionist says we should give. (plus 2oz of Apple Jucie and 6oz of water) Well before that I was kinda eyeballin it and using my measuring cups and spoons..making half a cup minus one tbsp of Ketocal..
Well since the scale we have seen TWO big seizures! 2! uuuugh in one week! Well out of curiosity I weighed what I was giving her when I eyeballed it..THREE MORE GRAMS than what they asked us to give...
Well on that ammount I feel she was going just fine..her blood work (which is almost done) so far has come back looking great hopefully there will be some wiggle room that we can adjust.. Ill keep ya posted on that!
My guess its adjustments of apple jucie and ketocal comming soon.. OH and recived and offer of some Ketocal as well...I am terribly sorry we cannot accept madie is on the 4.1 ratio...DOH.

Other than that..well today is a gloomy rainy day. AND the Funeral of a dear friend of my mother in laws who passed suddenly on Tuesday..I have met her alot and she is very dear. Sad Sad Sad...Not in a mood for a funeral but feel also that its importaint to be there and to pay respects. We will only stay an hour or so and maybe go get a quick dinner someplace in town...
Hope everyone has a wonderfull Easter and All the kiddos are doing well and happy.
Well I guess its time to get movin...sigh..feed the kiddo. She has been in a mood for sure...REALLY time to get back to preschool routine ASAP! (not till Wed!)


claire said...

you should just face the open side to the wall for now. easier than a railing! I've seen lots of moms do this.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are making progress with the insurance. By the way, you can use 3:1 ketocal - you just add canola oil to bring it up to your ratio. Your dietician can give you the recipe. Free formula is always a good thing.

Good luck with the new bed. Take pictures.