Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hello world

Well MORE snow falls in Small Town Canton today..with our itty bitty front yard and small two car driveway there is no where to put all this snow! and NONE of it is melting! Big Mixed Storm headed our way Wed! Ahhhh!!

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement to help me and my love affair with the ol Pino... I am going to be honest here and say it downright sucks. I am really anxious and trying hard on those bad days to just keep it together and not turn to my glass for my sourse of relaxation.WHICH SUCKS!! Really cant say that little over a week into this if I am going to compleatly QUIT all together but...Break is needed...I weighed myself and I am 3 pounds lighter!! Ok 3 whole pounds probably water...BUT DANG!(or that I just got over my special friend...LOL) That is my other motivation..all those empty calories! Hoping to loose a little poundage. We shall see... I am tired. Really Tired. Like I am catching up on sleep I have been unable to get or have had so much bad sleep... have been unable to nap since madie has no desire to nap more than 45 min...
Im other news...
The day before yesterday madie had a bad bad seizure day..full of jerks and twitches and one big grand tonic...I was so heartbroken. The past couple days have been ok...we are workin workin on getting as much ketocal down her lil hatch as we can...and if its ahalf bottle then we try sooner than later to feed her again. All we can do. Waiting for her Bloodwork to come back too..5 stinkin tubes better tell us something! Well on the Diet they need to check alot and her Depakote levels too.
This mama also has to go in to get her Cholesterol checked too...at one point when I was super heavy I was up to 250! I think last check was 220...ugh. Soooo I stuff myself with veggie nuggets and less sodium and fats and get the ol blood work checked. I am certain that less drinking will help those numbers too....*sigh.

Hangin out today making homemade Oatmeal choco chip cookies and going back and forth to computer and making cookies...Oh and maybe paying attention to that child...LOL
The snow continues to fall...think about 4 hours now...Its almost noon in Ct now..
Hubster is going to come home early with his office work too. :)
Hope everyone is well. Please keep some prayers for Lil Austin and his mommy as he recovers from his surgery and for Sweet Reagan to leave those lil fingers alone and give her mama some giggles!
Ok Im done ramblin. Till Next Time America.
xoxox ((hugs mamas))


Anonymous said...

Did you get any training on the diet from your nutritionist? I'm wondering cause some of your posts suggest you might not be following it strictly. It is the strict attention to detail that yields success on the diet. You have to be consistent giving every keto meal within a time frame of 20-30 minutes and the best success is if every bit is eaten. The calories and times of day she eats must be consistent. You can't give as much ketocal as she will drink. Your dietician should be giving you the exact measurements so that the caloric intake is correct. You also mentioned pediasure in one of your posts. You really shouldn't be giving pediasure - its a ton of sweet carbs. Every single meal has to be measured to the exact ratio of carbs, fat and protein. Good luck with the diet. Its been amazing for my daughter. She is now med free and beginning to talk after being on the diet 9 months.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we had a meeting with the nutritionist... the problem we have is that nobody seems to understand that our little Madie doesn't eat as much as a typical 4-year old does. We're technically supposed to feed her 5 10-oz bottles a day... having said that, she has NEVER eaten that much food a day, even before this diet started, so we struggle a bit. Per the docs, she now gets 8 ounces of ketocal with 2 ounces of pediasure to give her her daily carbs (we're actually on a modified keto diet which is a little less strict and allows for some carbs). I think she's slowly getting used to is and eating a little more each few days... we'll see!!! Great to hear it's working for your daughter - always good to hear!

Anonymous said...

Miles that makes a ton more sense. The way I was reading it I thought she was getting a bottle of pediasure at a different time than the ketocal. 5x 10oz bottles sounds like a lot of calories. I have ketocal 4:1 premade tetrapaks as a backup for non food eating days but I only need to give three per day. She is on 1100 calories per day. Is there any chance that the dietician has assigned too many calories? I think it would be hard to get any child to drink 10 oz of that stuff in one sitting, let alone five times a day. We've even cut out snacks cause they were not helping. Mine is turning four in six weeks time. Not ready to have a four year old. Happy Birthday Madie.

Miles said...

Yeah, I think she's on way too many calories. That's kind of why we don't worry about her eating 4 bottles and not 5. We've always been told that Madie is a little underweight and needs to eat more (she's 4 and still only 30 pounds) but we just scoff at the docs. She is by no means bone skinny, not to mention the fact that, as her Dad, I'm 6' 1" and a whopping 145 pounds so I don't see her becomming a huge person lol! Oh, and I couldn't agree more with you on trying to eat so much of the KetoCal - that stuff is thick!!

Anonymous said...

One of my friends waters down the ketocal a little bit. I don't know if that is allowed but I imagine if the calories are the same then a little water might not do harm.

Emma will be four in a few weeks and she is, yes you guessed it, 30 lbs!!! With all our kids have been through, its no wonder they are a bit underweight. I see no rush for her to gain too much. She gained a load since starting the diet so I think 1100 calories is a little more than Emma actually needs. I read that gaining too much can impact the effectiveness of the diet.