Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Girl! :)

What a Great Day! madie you have been a joy for mama today. just a few pictures of the big girl today playing at her Noisy Box that she loves! hee hee. hard to believe she is 4. Although not the average 4 year old by no means...but WOW she is so big! She was so bright eyed and happy today and only napped for about 40 min! I think I may soon be saying bye to the afternoon naps...:(

Great Day at Preschool too! They had to adjust her stander since she is getting so tall! It was wonderfull to get back into the old routine again. Its been a brutal winter this January...stinks. We have no where elese to put the snow. I think on Sat there will be a mixed storm of ice and rain and snow...YIPPIE!!
Oh How I long for the green grass and sitting outside and summer BBQs..and cutie pictures of madie outside on the green..heading out to the inlaws beach house and sitting under my favorite shade tree..:( Too Gray and White for me...Need some color! Very much having winter blues and cabin fever here.

Diet is going well. We are at 4 keto bottles a day and almost completely Pediasure Free..We have been moving slowly...working on it...Miles (Hubster) left a comment on my last post that kinda put it in perspective. Dont worry kids we are getting there!! Ohhh we are! :D
He Wrote:
Yeah, we had a meeting with the nutritionist... the problem we have is that nobody seems to understand that our little Madie doesn't eat as much as a typical 4-year old does. We're technically supposed to feed her 5 10-oz bottles a day... having said that, she has NEVER eaten that much food a day, even before this diet started, so we struggle a bit. Per the docs, she now gets 8 ounces of ketocal with 2 ounces of pediasure to give her her daily carbs (we're actually on a modified keto diet which is a little less strict and allows for some carbs). I think she's slowly getting used to is and eating a little more each few days... we'll see!!!
Soon she will be free of pediasure and we will begin to add Apple Juice...Apple Jucie can give her tummy aches too so we add it slowly and sometimes sshe needs some miralax as she is very consipated as well.. Ill Keep everyone posted on our progress. :)

Well other than bad snow and A happy girl Mama is running out of steam today with the head cold that madie has last week...Was feeling a little feverish but I think that passed..all I found was Advil from hubby is getting some more on his way home tonight...(and no did not take the 1999 The meare fact that she was happy today has SO gotten me thru my day ALOT easier! AND she has eaten very well today too...mamas big girl xoxox
Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm.After this winter we are almost considering a snow blower!!


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