Friday, January 28, 2011

Man vs Snow

Oh man! We probably have about 2 and a half feet maybe 3 on the ground now and with all the shoveling its sure piled up. Some towns have declaired a state of emergency as they have maxed out their snow removal budget...Here are some pics from around my house. The first pic is the pile after the first storm and then later on the pile is what it looks like today.

These bad boys hang from the back gutter...Hubster is determined to chisel away at the ice but BOY is it thick. The Ice is now bigger by probably a foot!

Well its been a week for sure. barely a day of storm maybe comming WED which is when madie begins her week...She goes Wed, Thurs, Fri and all the storms seem to come those days...sigh. hangin in there.
Went to see Nuerology at the crack of dawn this AM in downtown hartford traffic and we were at least 30 min late..but I was so happy they saw us really quick. Been instructed to UP the Keto and keep meds the same for now...still having one big bad Tonic Seizure a week...:( BUT BUT the sparkle in madie is so great! she can be a little sleepy sometimes and I am blaming the stupid meds on that one..seems nothing out of her norm. Ohh she is a demading little person for sure....wanting to be entertained and Crrrrrrryyyyys if she does not get what she wishes...ATTENTION! This mama is tired by about 9....LOL

I have been trying to battle my own demons too...Ok well to put it vaguely I am going to take a break from the ol Wine Drinkin....Not saying I am compleatly quitting I may order a glass at dinner or whatever but I felt it getting really one glass can never be just one glass..has to be like 4 or 5.. And I am simply taking a break. quitting well...ya never know. I am usually pretty honest in my blog so I wanted to share that. I guess you could say I have a tad bit of a love affair with my Pino...
SOOOOO almost one week down without...One day at a time. Please encourage me to not give into my demons...*sigh.

Everything else is the usual around here. Been making lots of soups and freezing them and making brownies and hangin with sweetpea.Trying to just chill out and feel better.
And with madie well...she is Ok. Just gotta get this kid back into her preschool routine! AND stop all this snow!
Enjoy the pics :)
Have a great weekend folks.

Ps and yes last record breaking snow was in Winter 96 or 97 I think....I think we are busting that one this winter!!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Did I ever tell you that I use to live in Norwalk, CT? I have never seen so much snow as when I lived there.

Those demons are evil. I know. It is so much easier to take a drink or two or... Life just seems a little bit easier then. But that is not good. As hard as it is, you have to face life. I am here for you. Thinking about you. And hoping that things get a little bit easier.

Susan Hart said...

You don't know me but I follow your blog. I have followed it for about 1 1/2 years through Gavin Owens and Reagan Leigh's blog. I'm praying for you all. Stay strong in your battle with the wine also. We all have demons! So glad you are so open and honest in your blog. It's encouraging!