Sunday, January 16, 2011


I guess the BBQ is cancelled...hahaha
OH man....Last Tuesday Ct got pounded with snow! about 22 inches in most towns..Lucky Madie had TWO days off from day was an delayed opening and of course that means no AM preschool...*sigh...lucky girl! Happy as a clam with no therapies..When School was back on Friday she had a great day which was awesome to hear :)

This was right by our front step...the small bush was crying for help as it was weighed down by so much snow! Miles was prompty outside shoveling with the neighbor accross the street..helping out the Older lady accross the street and clearing her driveway as was quite a storm!

And Veiws from our backyard and our deck where we have had camping chairs out there since the summer...and no one has put them they are compleatly ready for the garbage...when they defrost...LOL (Just think of that Everybody Loves Raymond episode with the suitcase that no one unpacked and Ray ended up putting old cheese inside to make his wife smell it and maybe move it..LOL) I cant tell you HOW many things are like that suitcase in our house...even if its a small tissue on the ground..

No News really...kinda wanted to share some snow pictures..there are rumors that WED may have more...and that CT has nearly maxed out its snow budget with this storm...oiy...then dont come plowing and sanding when there is an inch on the ground! *sigh.
Madie has been OK...we got her at alllllmost 3 ketos a day...other than that she wolfs down her pediasure when I give it to her...she is hungry. Hungry for Keto is another battle....
Please Keep lil Austin in your prayers too. Speedy Recovery :)

I guess thats all Ive got for now. Cant take Madie in snow or she will freak out. LOL

AND OMG Do not get me started on that Patriots Game!


Zoey's mom said...

Posting here,so you won't miss it on the previous:I loved that post.The hope and optimism.I know that is hard for you,for all of us that have journeyed long and hard looking and seeking the miracles. We so are hoping and praying right along with you.Praying the the recent emergence of the Madi you have missed,stays longs and evolves into that walking,heck,running, 8 year old little lady.

Always gotta have the hope.Even in the most trying and difficult moments.

Love from California and hugs from Miss Z.

Zoey's mom said...

oops ... forgot you had moderation!Guess you would have gotten it in the right place!!!