Friday, October 29, 2010

Over the Sickies!

Its been a booger of a week. Literally. Lots of boogers! ack!
I was compleatly miserable for one day and just hangin in there for about 3 days. madie was sick last weekend and I was sick by Mon.
I am feeling SO much better..about 90 percent now. madie is about the same. her usual little owl self...whew.

Had to go pick up madie at school early today...*sigh* no no no NO seizure...Just winey..crying alot..unconsoleable. They walked her around they held her they sat her up... I came by to get her and just blamed it on the fact that she was probably sleepy since I could not get little trickster to bed till 10..But in my mind I just knew she was being a pill.
When I took her out of her stroller she gripped tight to my jacket and death griped her legs around me and held my face with her other hand...Let the happy noises begin. OIY.
Well needless to say she is fine.

HEY PEOPLE. I HAVE THESE DAYS AT HOME! cry cry cry CRY ME A RIVER! I wish I could just say.."oh sorry madie is being grumpy can someone come get her. NO NO I am not annoyed. I mean if you cant console her just call me Ill come get her. No need for her to be crying at school all day...I guess. But I savor my 2.5 hrs alone with no duties. and then come 9pm the me time comes again..but for a short hour then bedtime cause by then Im tired.
Had a gorgeous day yesterday. It was awesome to get out and get some silly pictures of madie in the front yard. (well our 2x4 front She was all about that tounge! SO SLIMEY! eek!
Its been 9 days since her last grand maul seizure on October 20th...We are going NEXT WEEK for the nutritionist apt..I am uncertain how to feel about beginning the diet... with Madies low number of seizures..(still small ones in sleep sometimes and jerks or drops...) MAYBE just maybe she will have relief?? It will be a grand day if we can look back say..oh a year from now and say that Madie has been seizure free on her diet and lower her dose of meds etc etc.. although I do not forsee being medication free I hope to see MUCH less seizures..who knows what madie can do.!
I would love to have her able to pull to a stand someday. get up on those little bitty feet..
Ok so not expecting this Diet to bring mircales..dont get that impression..Just hoping for less seizures...better EEGs..happier madie=madie who tries. Madie who is happy= strong madie. LOUD madie. giggles and
Now that we are over the sickies I am feeling stronger. halloween is here and we have yet to get candy but its al good. Pumpkin Carving tonight or tomorrow and that is that.
I will blog after our apt on WED! can I get a "whooooaaaaah Ketosis!!"

have a safe and happy weekend :)

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

She is so smiley and adorable! I love the photos. I'm sorry that she had a grumpy day and you had to go get her. I feel the same about Emily's school sometimes. They have called me numerous times to come get her because she's crying or whining or yelling and they just can't get her happy. Well you know what? Sometimes at home she isn't happy! She cries, yells, whines, throws fits. It is part of Emily - I blame it on seizure meds, but who knows. I hope that she has a better week next week so that you can get some "me time" in!