Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Past. lol

Well Halloween was not it was all cracked up to be in this house. Madie was just a grump. Winey crying...dunno what the deal was. But it was real cold outside anyhoo. We tapped out at 6 bags of candy and had to turn the lights off we had so many! My favorite was a cute harry potter and a father/son Dracuala..
Things are going in the household. I am really nervous about our apt tomorrow for the ketodiet...Whew. Its that Anticipatory Anxiety. I hate it hate hate it.
Dont know what to expect. 10am sharp! Hartford!
Tonight I will make dinner for the gang and we will feast. Fill out bellys for a busy morning tomorrow.
I hope everyone is well and hangin in there. Seizures Low?? Happy Kids?? Oh I hope so! A little boy who was in madies class last year had a big bad seizure last weekend and was in the ER.. His mom is a good friend of mine and I feel so much in common with her. It broke my heart to hear that. Big Seizures are sure scary. after 4 years ya thing id get used to them but I just never do....
Last Big bad one for my madie was Oct 20th...goin strong...FoR now.
Well nothing to blog about but here are some funny halloween pictures of me when i was a kid. yeah yeah let the blackmail begin...

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope that your hospitaly stay goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. We are heading in on Sunday for anywhere from 1-5 nights ourselves. I hate the Anticipation Anxiety! I love the Halloween pictures from the past. Orphan Annie - how cute! And the Strawberry Shortcake with the plastic mask, I had that exact costume one year!! :)