Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Geeerrrrms! ack!

ACK! I hate being sick!
Madie has not slept a wink today! Maybe she is actually doing something developmentally on target at 4 years old...NO NAPS! ahhhh!!! I was so out of it today forcing the sudafed down the hatch and forcing myself to keep going without keeling over. At least Madie was happy. Happy and LOUD and silly girl. It sure helped! She may have slept for two 10 minute naps. One nap I was all excited and layed myself on the couch and was pretty much melting into the thing when she began to cough. Just little coughs but it sure woke her up. Back to her owl noises. STINKER!
I was also going to have the family over for some dinner tonight too but cancelled that. :( Even made a cheese cake to lure them in..ha ha my mother in law called and said I sounded horrible and that maybe we should do it another time. Yeah...in my haze I guess I agreed. No one wants snot river nose serving dinner eh?? :O
Quite a nice day today in CT...almost 75 degrees! nice to open the windows and get some breeze in the house. fresh air is good!
Even kitty was outside all day. Its nearly 9pm and she is finally back inside.
Well anyhoo....its quite the germ fest here. Madie was the sick one over the weekend and then by monday I had the bug.
Looking forward to preschool tomorrow and having a moment to just take a second...
Watched the movie The Blind Side today too...good feel good movie. Dont understand how Sandra Bullock won the uh..Oscar?? But it sure was her best movie. Rented out from the Library. Free is good.
Well I guess the Advil has kicked in and little one has tuckered herself out...hoping for a good nights sleep....
Will Blog more another day. Stupid A key is sticking on my keyboard. LOL

Sweet Dreams Kiddies.

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