Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Yesterday

Madie conversing with her hands..."ya know Im gunna getcha" LOL

Just yesterday these are the images of a BARELY a seizure day! What a great day we had..even a good day at school..I took her to the farm and got the mum plant for the porch and took her pic next to it...I guess it had been awhile since I had sat her down and gotten some shots of her.

Just yesterday I was thinking that maybe just maybe we had been sucessfull in increasing her Depakine but a ML each dose and that maybe just maybe we were not going to see another grandmaul.

Got the ol Call from school that madie had had a big bad seizure at school and to come get her...GREAT....
Durring Picture Day...all the kids were croweded in the Gym and getting their portraits taken..I opted out of buying any packages since...well we are broke and two I can take her picture myself for alot less money...Psht.
They tried to get her in the class picture and she was pretty out of it but I agreed that maybe we can try to get her in the her stroller and all...Oh how i wanted her to sit on the bleachers...and be smiley....:( Of all days.
Well we left the school and I brought her home and let her sleep. and sleep and sleep
She is awake now playing in her noisy box like nothing happened.
I came home and wanted to know those crys I talk about the messy ones...blubbering and messy and snotty....
But I kept on...watched some DVR stuff and did some laundry and just tried to forget about it for a few.. I want to wear a shirt that says "I am doing the best I can" and call it a day. hell, I can make one!
Well its been awhile...and this afternoon has been good. madie is back to her usual little self as if nothing happend. We have been seeing one big bad seizure a week for the last 3 weeks..dont know what is bringing these on but we are trying to get a grip on it.
I have had enormous suggestions on the Keto Diet and what I can do to make things and still have the bottle but not use KetoCal. Super interesting what can be done!
Almost ready to switch doctors..enough is more freaking med increases already...PLAN B!
Well better get madie in the tub..stinky girl needs a bath.
have a great weekend.
Going to a wedding in Jersey this weekend and Madie is not making it easy to leave her behind. But I know that hubster and I just need some time.

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MrsFought said...

Sorry to hear about the big bad seizures! Madie sure is a cutie pie! Matthew started the diet mid August and we have seen NO change yet. So please know you are an inspiration to parents like us!