Sunday, September 26, 2010

Epilepsy Walk

What an Awesome Cause.! Now to tell you who Sharron was she was a nurse/teacher who died in a cross country bicycle accident.. she worked allot with Epileptic patients her brother who is a nuero surgeon doing this in the name of his sister (Sharon..after she died) and Sharron was an advocate for Epilepsy too.. Her brother stood up saying that about 10 percent of new Epilepsy cases could be avoided if the person had a helmet on their noggins...freak accidents...terrible stuff...

He stood up and was thanking everyone for coming saying that he was there with his wife who was an ER nurse as well.

Madie couldn't have been more content...loved loved riding in her stroller checking out the sites.. I took pictures of funny signs and the beach that was right next to us as we walked with the salty sea overcast day but that was OK. :)
Found a small garden that had a sign that said "madisons garden" It was so cute..dunno who this madison is..but it was a much needed photo op.

The funny ways she lifted her legs up in the air...just so content...making her noises. At one point in the beginning while the guy was speaking Madie let out a nice "hoo hoo hoo hoo" I was so trying not to laugh! haha

Its been a great weekend...:) Even went to the small town fair on Sat and it was fun but HOT as heck so we did not stay long...
Wish every weekend had such activities going was so fun to get out of the house and get sunshine and just enjoy. :)
Mama is to get little giggle to sleep! This may be tricky....LOL
More walk pics on my facebook page..Blogger is super slowwwwww...Ill work on em tomorrow :)
have a great week, :) (kinda the scoop about the walk if I did not get it correct.)

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