Monday, October 4, 2010

Weddings and Updates

Had a meeting at Madies school today. Went well. It was a gloomy drizzly day in CT and I was in no mood to leave house.
All Madies therapists were there and we all talked about how Madie is doing which is pretty slow progress but they seemed to focus on the good things she does and they emphasize how they just want to keep her happy thru her days. Madies mood is very inconsistant..which is juuust how she is at home..makes it tough when she cries and no one has any idea just why. I tell ya, Madies a gal who knows what she wishes for and we adults go thru hell trying to figure it out!
They talked about how they include her in all the classroom activities even if she just sits to the side she can at least see and hear what is going on. She loves her OT sessions most of all...full of vibrating toys that she loves and swings she loves even more..big belly laughs on the swings! haha
PT is going well too..she spends time each day in the stander workin her muscles and then goes thru exercises to work those little arms and torso.
I guess we can only take things one day at a time. One moody day at a time and one seizure day at a time..
Miles and I also got away last weekend for a wedding my cousins wedding in Jersey..I seriously recovered for 2 days from this! But oh it was so fun! and the food was YUM!

The Drive was not bad..but in my standards anything over an hour and Im ready to get out of
Hotel was nice too they only had two double beds available but I will still hold a special place in my heart for the newwark airport Hilton...LOL
I guess not much else...still hangin in there...hoping Madie can make it thru this week at school without a bad seizure again...I have had to go pick her up every week the past 2 weeks...every THURS...strange.... *sigh.
Lets hope for a good week Madie!! :D!
have a great week!

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