Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh my aching shoulders...

The weight of the world folks...thats me.
madie madie world. my lovey, my angel. trying as best I can to do what I need to do for you but this mom is spent.
Keto Cal is still being worked on...supposedly. Just gave some info to some lady who will see what this and that can get us...and then the lady who said she would help gave me a number of another woman who will call insurance and help...*sigh. why the hell am I giving the first lady info?? betcha money ill be repeating it to the new lady..who was not there and I left a message..
Now the way my brain works is when something...say oh...the right words I want to say are THERe and ready to tell and i am unable to say them when I want to...well things go "poof" and then by the time I get to the person I so desperately want to tell what I need to tell for madie i am all fudged up. acting like a moron. "uh..uh..uh..."

Just turning into one of those days.
Madie is a sweetpea today THANK GOD but its real hot outside (shocker) and we cant go outside but she is hangin in there.
On the upside we had a great dinner with the family last night I made an oven roaster and cheezy au gratin potatoes and a fresh yummy salad...not much leftovers! I love when everyone finishes their plates. :)I love cooking for everyone even more!
Sunday we head to the campgrounds for a few days with hopes that it wont be too steaming hot...IF madie hangs in there Mama will hang in there...*sigh* TRYING To see the positive side!! PRAYING that Madie cooperates and stays happy....
Well sadly there goes another seizure...number 2 today..gotta go. Maybe I should finally get in the shower...its 4! ugh.


Reagan Leigh said...

This post is a little reminiscent of Blogzilly. I can't believe you're having such a hard time getting the Ketocal! Are they putting that it's her "sole source of nutrition" because that is what we were told to do and it was approved no problem! I so feel for you dealing with these horrible insurance companies. Ugh.

blogzilly said...

Insurance companies, Petroleum companies, and Plastic. The three greatest evils known to man.

And hey...what's that Blogzilly comment actually mean? Why I oughtta.... :P