Sunday, August 1, 2010

my little handfull.

Madie Madie Madie MADIE!
My Goodness little girl. You are becomming that kid I just cant take anywhere! In my poor attempt to go to beach cottage this weekend with madie and Hubby (who was a great help!) Madie was just a grump. Someone was always trying to get her to stop crying..winey winey..It was a tough trip for me. Just trrrrrying to take a load off and enjoy the great weather and uuuuuggghhhh
Dunno..maybe she was overstimulated or maybe she was too hot or maybe she just wanted to nap in HER bed or maybe she....AHHH! whooo knows.
Now we allll know that with our special little ones that they cant tell us what is wrong or if they are too hot or still hungry or sleepy...
If I held her and carried her thru the house she was OK...If I put her in her stroller and wheeled her around the house she was OK..
Things were a little tricky at times.. everyone tried their parts to get Madie happy and sometimes she looked as if she was going to sleep in her stroller but began to cry instead. Madie has been sleeping with her hands behind her head since birth and when she gets cranky she will try to put her arms behind her head trying to get comfy but unable to.

just days Orange baby
She has been quite the nap fighter lately as well!~ Days Id kill for an hour nap! Just so I can maybe clean something or do a load of laundry...OR even sit down with one of the many books I have bought at the used bookstore and oh...maybe READ
I love love to sit with a good book. I seldom get a few moments to just breathe while madie may or may not be sleeping...shes tricky!
When we got home Sunday Afternoon she seriously folks...became a new child.
Happy and snuggling with her blanket and making her noises and just being a sweetheart. even ate her food and bottle (which she would not do at cottage)*sigh*
Got her in the tub tub and in her jammys for the night and she was so content.

you cannot see that her little hiney is in the air and those little frog legs..LOL

Only 2 more weeks of Summer School too!! Oh man! the last week she goes we will keep her out one day so we can go camping :) Ok by no means is it wilderness camping. I hate hate hate buggies and small creatures..LOL BUt I love being outside with the campfires and grills and under the stars. We will spend 3 days "weather pending" and "meltdown madie" pending..I am looking forward to it.
Someday I want to get a pop up trailer to go in..that would be so cool! THEN maybe we can book longer trips..but one step at a time..hahaha maybe we can find a nice used one someplace...hmmm
I look forward to the new school year beginning and Madies teachers comming back for the school year. As nice as the summerschool teachers are they really dont give me good updates in madies notebook about her days.I think I may be at least 10 years older than each one of them too...LOL they are so young! I hear she is doing just fine each day. HEY wont argue with that!
SOOO anyhoo I guess I am done rambling..
SO far so good with my Madie..a little demanding 3 and half year old. I take it one day at a time. Its all I can do.
Off to Grocery store to get some salad stuff and some chocolate chips...going to make some dinner and some cookies...LOL
Hugs mamas. and Dads too.


blogzilly said...

There is something comforting about home for everybody, but I think even more intensely for special kids. I know Bennett can be wild out there in the real world and here too, but at home, he finds a comfort level he achieves nowhere else.

Takes after his Daddy there. I'm a homebody too.

MSKMOM said...

I sure can understand your not wanting to go anywhere with her. They can be so sweet at home but take them out of the house and they turn into another child, a wild screaming child. Katelyn is so sweet at home and there are times I would love to venture out with her to only remind myself why I don't shortly after leaving the house. It is so tough. I cannot wait for school to be back in session and she is back in her routine and I can shop ALONE!!!