Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brain Farts

I should have 3 commnets on the last post...I am sorry I was movin too fast and I think I deleted it! I read all of them and I am so thankful for any advice or even just a "ohhh madie is so cute" kind of comment...hee hee.
I joke with my hubby saying that a new blog is like a good satisfying fart.. Ok that is gross but cmon SO TRUE! all full of heart burn and then ahhhhhh....HAHAHA

ANYHOO Flatulence aside We head out tomorrow (well only a short hour away) to go camping by the shore..well not ON the shore but close by...near grandma and grandpas cottage. A small park called Rocky Neck. By no means wilderness camping but we have a huge tent and all the cool stuff to camp with. I hope to take some great pictures of madie and da da.

There is a little news I guess regarding this whole Keto diet thing....well we have appilied to a couple programs thru the hospital and we shall see how that goes..and hubby has a program thru work that may be able to help take the edge off the cost of the keto cal...
CVS carmark had absolutely refused to cover any of this..saying finally that its just not a covered benefit...*sigh*
Seizures have been super Im talkin maybe 1-3 a day..Reeeeeaaaallly good.
WHY"?" Dont know. this stuff just happends! I NEVER keep far from my mind that they could get bad any day...
I have been working hard on giving her medicine at the SAME time each day...between 730 and and pm...and maybe just maybe that has has an impact?? eh....
Madie remains her little bi-polar little self...never know what the day will bring and so demanding of my attention and at times I think very frustraited that I just dont know what she wants..*sigh.
Makes me love you more and more each
Till Next time America.

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