Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camping and Camping...sigh....with Madie..

My Child is sensitive to the heat. AND IT WAS HOT>
*sigh...the yearly camping trip that I look forward to for weeks in advance as we book a spot in the "heron circle". ALL I wanted to do was relax with and listen to he enjoy..
I was determined to STAY and not leave early.
At times madie just wined and cried and the only thing that stopped her was when Dad took her for long walks in her stroller.

Now allow me to explain.
Sitting on her blanket was not working. she hated that. Going in her porta crib to "cry things out" was not working. sitting with me in the chair trying to soothe her was not working. Pushing her in her stroller would temporally fix the mood and sometimes would put her to sleep then when the stroller stopped or she woke up she would cry. and wine.

After a walk she was FINALLY sleeping...too scared to move her..this lasted maybe 30 minutes...

OH there WERE happy time as seen in my pictures..
It was a 50/50. Half the time she was cool and half the time just miserable.
She was great in her kiddie pool and loves the water trying to eat the sticking her tongue out for the water pours. THAT was a godsent that little 3 dollar pool!

She was wanting to "feel" water with her tongue...LOL loved the pool..kept her in till she was pruned!

It was really hot. The heat was crakin for sure. Anyone can protest that it was not the heat that put madie in such a foul mood but I can argue otherwise. We went thru a case of bottled water in less than 2 days! It was hot. By nightfall it was really nice outside and the first night we dropped grumpy off at grandmas house that has AC in the bedrooms so we could take a much needed break from Madie...
Needless to say she was happy as a clam over there...rollin on her blanket when I came to pick her up the next day.
I was determined to bring her back to the site and MAKE IT WORK. I was hot, I was frustrated, I was tired, I was more or less hangin in there. I want so bad for Madie to enjoy and just hang in there and relax and give us more than few minutes at a time break from crying. It seems that is all she does! Just hates everything....unless its her way...which I dont know what that is! she cant tell me!!

WELLLL there were good times....I have a funny story actually...
OK OK change of subject...
Dunno if we all have "that friend" you know that friend from your "former life" for me it was the going to business school and skipping half my classes to go to the bar with this particular friend...weee were wild! we loved it! lol
Ok ok so maybe fast forward after business school and she was preggo with her first daughter at 23...the guy she was with was eh....well...she had had many guys and I was allllways there when things NEVER worked out and she was all boo-hooing or trashing the engagement rings.....LOL But she stuck with babys daddy and even married her backyard..I took the pics HA!
Me... I was still dating Miles and just workin and in my own world...I a world without her..
When she had her 1st baby we hung out a little..I was still not married yet..she wanted to close the bars and I wanted to go to dinner have maybe 2-3 glasses of wine and call it a night. Our worlds were becoming so different..she seeemed to be staying the same and I was feeling like I was growing up somewhat.
It had been nearly TWO YEARS since I had seen this chick...ok when I saw her last she was pregnant with her second baby girl..and the father was the same guy who fathered her first baby. She was smoking and drinking...WHILE PREGGO!!! here I was dealing with My sweet madie who was born with global delays..after doing everything right.(I hate that term) and hard to control seizures damaging her brain!! Needless to say her kids have HORRIBLE behavior issues...but otherwise developmentally on key.
THIS was what made me cutt her off as a friend. The Choices that she makes in her life and the way she is as a mother.I just cant be with that.
Ohhhh I LOVED happy hour and seeing local bands at the bars....when my madie was was no more! I was humbled. Wine is still my weakness for sure..AH!
Do any of you have that kind of friend from the past that well...maybe they still think you are chummy but you only speak if THEY call THAT is her..
When I heard from her a few days before our camping trip I was shocked to hear that she would be in the area..(niantic shore area) and she asks if it would be cool if she and her boyfriend "ed" came to the camp site that night to visit.....and "ohh she missed madie.." lol
Seriously I was curious.....ya know....just haven't seen this chick in OVER a year...since her 2nd baby was born..never even met the kid...
I said "sure cmom over and visit"
We head to the gas station on Sat night to use the ATM so we can get cash for fire wood that they sell onsite...
A motorcycle pulls into the parking lot..a biker guy with a small skinny blond with tattered jeans and a cleavage tank top on pull in....
YUP. Its her. and Ed....LOL o...m...g..
I shout to them and they see me and both are very loud and pumped up...they have been drinking most of the day apparently at some kind of biker run...
they are stopping for smokes...
I tell them to just follow us and we can get the campfire going..Once I fed her some food she was calmed down and we just kinda talked and laughed about old times..feeling like that is all we have in common anymore..but whatever..
I feel like I have a new circle of friends...MOMS...the moms from madies school have been so awesome!! We are crrrrazzzzy mamas when we get together for some drinks! HA and I love it! women with values and families..women who I can chat with and laugh with and women who have seen me in my sweats when I drop madie off to school and have seen me dressed up for "moms nights" Do I dare tell Miles that there is another Cabi Clothes Party planned soon! hahah after I spent 80 bucks on a blouse that I have worn 2 times with fears of staining it!
I guess I am done. getting Hungry. Its 830 and we have not eaten yet Madie is wide awake but will be zonked in 30 min...HA
This gal was in my wedding!!
When you just have those kinds of friends....
Dont worry Madie was at her grammys house for the night...
We woke the next morning and laughed about the two of them and made some bacon and eggs and went to get Madie to begin another day at the campgrouds...

Great to be home now..I tell ya.
Ok this post was too long

is it fall yet??? Im ready for this heat to go away!


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