Monday, July 12, 2010

tired. and oh...did I mention tired??

I reeeally wish I had some news. I wish I could say that Madie did not have 5 seizures today and that she is down to one or even 2... and that the diet is going great and I am hard at work making foods for her to eat and she is gobbling them.
But no.
Nurse from Neuro says she is putting in the Appeal to Insurance again for madies Keto Cal...
I asked her if there was a way I could make my own "bottle" for madie and she says there is a recipie but its nasty and can give kids "liquid poops" uhhh. yeah.
as my father would call it "Di-oh"

Im so burned out. Im just so tired of this heat and being stuck inside with the AC on and madie getting into her moods...although not so bad since school began.. I think it really helps when she is entertained in the mornings...ALSO when she gets home she naaaaaps which is even better.This kid is up at about 7ish and to bed by 9. which ok ok is not too too bad...some do have it worse..
Sadly if it was not for seizures she would never nap. after about number 4 she was spent and finally gave into a nap. This between the hours of say 8ish in the Am to about 2pm...(when she has 4 within that time frame)
Tonight I am just so desperate for her to go to bed..I know I know...she is in a good mood tonight but I am tired I guess. feeling the effects of the husbands constant traveling and being left solo...
oh and hardcore PMSing right (details details)
I guess that is all for to watch Mindless TV and hit the hay.
Thursday I hope and pray that it will not be too hot so madie and I can go to Cottage in Niantic...please mother nature get rid of this heatwave!! Even a big storm on Sat gave us no relief..
Ill be in touch.

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