Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot Days, Wisdom Toofs, and other news

Today I did another Madie clothing purge..going thru her room and boxing the too small stuff and stashing the fall clothes that may still fit in the fall in boxes in her closet..sigh.
I have quite a few pamper boxes full of clothes..I should get Rubbermaids but that would be alot of boxes to buy when these are free!
She has all these empty hangers now!
We have had more record breaking heat in CT and it sucks..Sometimes there are bursts of thunderstorms and I hold my breath waiting for the cool breeze when I open the door and the air remains so thick and hazy. My mother in law tells me I cant complain since I have central
Well anyhoo...4 more short weeks of summer school left..its hard to believe its already going by so fast! So far so good days. The teachers in the classroom are all so young plus one guy who helps out..kinda a hippy kid..seriously I thought "he" was a "she" in the lesbian looking!!
I wish I could say that for seizures..that they have been good :(.3-6 a day sometimes after the 3rd she will give in to nap..but naps have always been tricky to get..Quite frankly I don't feel like talking about seizures. When I ever get a day of zero Ill let you know.:(
Today I suffer my own ailment which I hate.I hate have that need to "just lay down" when I know damn well Im not doing that till after Madie goes to bed! Soo suck it up mama! My bottom left wisdom tooth wants to comeout and play today..the constant ache that buggs me is draining. Along with a crampy you know what time of month..mama is just wanting a glass of wine and mindless TV on my couch. I have a dentist app on Monday and I will get my cleaning and my xrays and my referral for the Oral Surgeon. Ohhhh JOY!
In other news Bummed that I will probably be stuck at home all weekend instead of at the beach house..:(
As much as I try to get away and try to get out there(ya know, into a world without childrean) I am always plagued with the duties of home. Uuuuugh and I hate that so much. I just KNOW that I cannot handle Madie in the heat and that she will not give me a break till she is comfortable. And she cant tell me if she is hot or thirsty or hungry or feeling too hot...which in turn gives her crying fits that I cannot stop. SO I would rather just keep her home and let the crying stay home where she is more content in our freezing meat locker house! She has been that child that I just can't take anywhere these days. Likes the carseat and the process of getting to the destination but once there and if she is not getting whatever in the world she wishes for she goes off. BUT BUT rides in the stroller say thru a shopping center or kholls or the park etc etc are good times. Juuuust keep her movin!
I think sometimes she is frustrated that she cant move. wants to be carried up high, sits like a frog getting those little legs jammed under and falls backwards and sideways, gets herself usually near the edge of the rug to the wooden floor pretty quick with a combo of rolls and pushes..not really crawling per-say I cant explain it. But this kid wants to do it. It just takes FOREVER to progress! As Seizures zap her little head each day. I stand my ground and say that its what is preventing her from moving forward...:( Everything else comes back
Well anyhooo my theory on WHY madie is the way she is could go on and on and on and on SOooo I wont get into that!
Just kinda hangin tight these days. Hubby has been doing WAY too much travel he has been home one week out of the last month and sucks. I have NO idea how single moms do it. for real.
OH I mean she is great everywhere we go!...
This morning I sit here as Madie screams and refuses to eat for reasons unknown and deleteing chinease comments and some idiot who comments using "wingding" font..get a life loser. And now that Ive said that some 15 year old who likes to read High Times Magazine and play Mario Cart on his super ninetnedo will continue to leave me hacked in comments.....Great.
if only people would use their minds for usefull things...maybe oh...get all these loosers together who like to hack into things and start studying Epilepsy!! wouldnt that be fun!!
*sigh...kid is screamin...gotta go.
Happy Reading.

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