Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bon Jovi or Bust

THIS WEEKEND..yup you guessed it. Bon Jovi Bioootches!! :D
My sister in law who is my hero WON tickets to see him in a charity thing and doesnt want to go with her boyfriend so Miles and I are going! First time we saw him was in 2002 at this outdoor venu in Hartford called the Meadows..(now named after some car brand) and the second time we saw him in 2006 we went to Uncasville Mohegan Sun Casino and had like 10th row seats! THAT was the best show..then we took a trip to Boston and hung out for the weekend...needless to say a month later I had a bun in the oven. SO now that I know better...LOL We are going with good heads on our shoulders and a lesson well learned!! HAHAH
This is the first concert since Madie was born. Fer Real!
We have been trying to figure out where the seats are in the stadium (Foxborro) and we just cant figure out where we are sitting...they SOUND like good seats..LOL but who cares!
No other news really..
Had to put comment moderation on my blog cause all the Chinese freaks leaving spam on at least I can delete them without whatever crap they are saying even showing up...*sigh* Yes, It Irks me.
No news on Diet...left message yesterday but I am just out of fight right now..second rejection letter for Keto Cal came in the mail and well...I try to not get discouraged.
madie still gets zapped and her meds make her dizzy sometimes...I wonder if she would still have the same ammount of seizures without meds? or would we see horrible increase...
for now, cant really talk seizures..its just depressing.
Bon Jovi fever baby.


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