Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a quick update.

Well here we are folks...what..couple of weeks after our Neuro appointment and we have yet to begin Madies Diet....she is continuing to have 3-who knows seizures a day... and crrrryyyys and crrrrryyyys for either attention or just from being so sleepy and not wanting to nap..or from gas or from teething or from WHOOO KNOWS! Being bored??
The reason being Insurance. they are refusing to cover the Keto-Cal mix for her bottles and well it can cost about 35 a can I am unsure how much we need per bottle and how long a can will last.
Madie is doing great eating her baby foods! I made her some homemade peas and she gobbled them! Mixed a little turkey rice meal in there to help but it did not seem to be needed. loved loved her peas!
It just felt good making food. I KNOW what is in the food I make...and yeah it will be time consuming but with school back in session for summer I can have some time to make a few thigs and freeze em.
Have not made any Keto meals cause well...without her Keto-Cal what is the point when I would still give her Pediasure..ugh.
SOoooOOOo anyhooo
Its been about a 100 in CT lately and this whole week will be a terror of heat. I really dont like the AC crankin all the time but I also am pretty dang blessed to have it!!
Spent some of last weekend at the Beach Cottage..My inlaws just bought a new one and are moving all the things from the old one to the new one...Ohhh man its so nice! More modern and has more of a yard in the back and overlooks a pond with lilly pads and you can hear the "buuuuurrrrrrrrp of frogs" coming from the brush. LOL I have already found my spot under the shade tree in my lawn chair and a cold cold beverage. Theeee Best.
Hope to get back in a week or so with Madie while Miles is going to travel again to Mass...not far but hard to drive back and forth each day when the day begins early...
Not much for this week. Summer School has begun for Madie and I am so relived to have her out of the house and enjoy some QUIET without all her meltdowns for reasons unknown..
The Moms from Madies class are also planning a get together at this little BYOB place that supposedly has amazing Cajun food...Jamaican beef jerk and burgers etc...
When school finishes up we are headed to the campgrounds for a few days Im so stoked!
For now...well better go feed grumpy upstairs and work on getting her down for a nap.
Have a good week folks. Ill keep ya posted.\


Anonymous said...

Ketocal is about $48 a can - shocking!! I read insurance only covers it if your child is tube fed, The cans are about half the size of a normal can of formula though. I wrote and asked the company for samples to try before we buy. Glad I did - its foul and nasty. Have you thought of doing the diet with table food. You can puree almost anything. Last night my daughter was unwell so her keto meal was soup made from chicken breast steamed and then ground, carrots steamed and then ground,chicken stock and cream. It was quite tasty.... as keto meals go.

Holli said...

I think I told you on FB, we use very little KetoCal. We used more in the beginning, but it got expensive! I pay $24.50/can. We use 10g a day and that will last about a month. Like Sinead said, you can most definitely use pureed foods and add butter, cream, or oil for fat. Also, the cream can be diluted with water for a "milk" bottle. So, it's definitely possible to get in the calories without the KetoCal...especially since Madie has been gobbling up purees! Good Luck!

blogzilly said...

Insurance companies suck.

That's all I got. :P