Monday, June 21, 2010

Beach Fun

It makes me want to cry that the oil is continuing to spill in the gulf right now...our beautyful beaches...I love ocean life and the beach...I just keep my hope high that it stops soon...and cleanup that will take a long long time but for god sakes...stop the flow!! :( :(

Diva on the Beach with mamas sunglasses....LOL

mama! My tootsies are gettin hot!! :D
Ohhh what a lovely day at the beach! the weather was on our side for sure! Hoping to get back out there the day after tomorrow! for maybe a couple nights...oh its such a great place!
So blessed to have such a wonderfull beach getaway :) I sure know grandpa is dying to take the boat out for the first sail of the season!
Miles is still gone out in Mississippi workin on the beaches and testing soil and water for oil...Its been tough having him gone a week already and I think we may be going another week too...:(
Had Madisons great Grandmas 80th Birthday party yesterday and what a great turnout it was! Madie was NOT in the party mode she cried about 75% of the time...I wanted so badly to hang out and talk with everyone but she was not having it...then when she had a seizure that was really the end of her...
There was AC in the house so it was not too hot although I was sweating just from being stressed!! crrrrazy! I think the heat does get to madie on certain days and she gets super grumpy being inside all the time wanting to get out for the fresh air.
We have been keeping busy as I drag her all She likes car rides and is pretty happy in her stroller as well keep on moving and moving try to fill my days so I am not home missing hubby too much or on "seizure watch" thats depressing!!
Tomorrow this mama is going out with the moms from madies school for some Thai Food at this small family owned DEEELICIOUS place for some dinner and "sodas" LOL I am so looking forward!
Other than that June 30th cannot come soon enough...dont think seizures have gotten any worse or any better lately...about 2-5 a day so far..sometimes I dont see them but when her mood changes I just know when she was hit...poor boo boo.
Got My hubbys Guitar re-strung for him for fathers day and some new socks...LOL
Hope everyone is healthy and happy and enjoy the week.
Reeeeelax, kick back. have that guilty glass of wine and get a good book and say the hell with it...even for only a few minutes..:)


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