Wednesday, June 16, 2010

flyin solo and keeping busy :)

Yesterday Madison and I decided to take an adventure. Well it was only about 20-25 minutes away in West Hartford. Among all these big beautyful homes..where each home looks different and has probably been around for 40-100 years! sure looked that way
We drove to a park called Elizabeth Park where they have wonderfull rose gardens! walking paths to walk on and even places where people have gotten married!

Well my stubborn model and sllowly dying camera battery did not stop me from getting some beautyful pictures!
Seizures have been little demons lately...some days there will be 2 and some days we can have days like today where I am counting 5! *sigh* June 30th cant come soon enough!!(keto diet begins)
Its just me and my smallfry this week...hubster is on the missisippi shores sampling water and sand and noting any oil covered animals..though may have not spread there yet...Its 10 long days of work then hopefully if things go his way 10 days off paid! he'll be getting like doublethe pay which is much needed right now..
I guess I'm really trying to keep busy with Madie..hints our trip to a place we'd never been :) The smell of roses was in every breeze it was so pretty! Almost went to sit under the trees in the shade but we had no blanket and the tree roots were hard on the umbrella maclaren stroller...LOL

Kiddo was super overtired after a day of doing errands and in and out of the car..we even went to grandmas for dinner. (not best idea)
This morning a funny thing happended..well corny..
Went into garage to get my water bottle from the car (for our stroll) and just as I was closing the car door to go back out there was a snake in the corner by the garage oh my god I ran like that little fella was chasing me! I threw (with bad aim) crumbled pices of newspaper at the thing to eventually I looked back and he had left. man, the wildlife in our yard!!
Loaded little person up and we headed to tj maxx and got some frames for madies new pictures and took a walk thru neighborhood..sun went down and cooler air came thru which was nice! It sure can't be as hot as Mississippi right now..I think Miles said heat index was 108 at one point yesterday!

Tomorrow Madie and I head to cottage for a night hopefully get to beach and get some more pictures :) planning on bringing the kiddie pool too! Madie got a new suit with watermelons on it..hee hee :) Maybe we can make dinner or order Pizza and play Apples to
Saturday we celebrate Madies great grandmas 80th birthday too!!
Hubby may be home in a week..:(! keepin busy!
Tonight, chillaxin with a movie and some thai food or pasta..have not decided.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. Good luck with the diet. We started last month. Its not as hard as it seems. And my little three year old finally made one word and two word approximations. Seeing her start to learn after the mess of the last two years is amazing. I hope this is successful beyond your wildest dreams.