Thursday, June 24, 2010

get what i wish!!

Its Official that Madie is super sensitive to changes in temperature..
It was about 90 and humid at the cottage yesterday into today...madie cried about 65 percent of the time..refusing to eat, nap, sit with me, sit on her blanket...oh it was a mess. She did get in a bottle before bed with her medicine but other than her breakfast..nothing. wanted to be carried and pushed in stroller..even then that was a temporary fix for her mood. just crying for whooo knows why!
I gave her tylenol when the TV got so loud and others were putting on headphones or going to the beach...
I had packed plenty for 2 nights but after this mornings meltdown and getting up at 545 am I was spent. I wanted AC and I wanted Madie to calm down. I let her snuggle with my pillow in the I wish I had a picture of how cute she looked sleeping..
Before we left she ate another bottle making it number 3 and when we got home about an hour later she ate another bottle! I just dont understand how she can go like 3 days maybe eating...2 bottles and a few bites of food and then next thing you know ya cant keep up! crying and crying for food! and eating like 2 jars a day!! These bumps in the road get me so nervous about beginning the Keto diet..what about those days where she just refuses? Shes not constipated Ill tell ya that!
I am so excited to say that Madie is only on one medicine now!! V.Acid 3 1/2 ml twice daily. Seizures have been..well not any worse..2-4 or 5 a she waited till nearly 3 to have her first one which is unusual for her!!
Something sure clicks in her lil brain as she is very demanding of me lately for sure.. scccreaming till she gets whatever it is she wishes for..and 80-95% of the time I have nooo clue!
I remember awhile back..Oct 08 I think when we began V.Acid and we were patient for a month er so and by thanksgiving we were asking each other if we'd "seen a seizure"..that soon turned into drop seizures...
I am at ease that we do not have to stop her medicine when we begin the diet..I was worried about that. I also fear she will not get all her dose when we switch to pill form she is a very messy eater!
A couple more weeks till Summer School starts for 6 weeks!! then we are off to go camping! Im so stoked!
Well I will blog again next week after our Keto Diet appointment :) the 30th cant come soon enough!!

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Heather said...

Love the beach pictures Miss Madie.Too,too cute!

Wishing you luck and all good things as the diet begins next week.Sending good thoughts and prayers that it will kick out those pesky seizures.

Life with these children,sure is a guessing game isn't it?Not sure what will find one day to the next ... good thing they are so darling!!