Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just off.

A Picture from January little chubbers. perfect baby girl.
Oh Miss Madie.
The past few days Madie has not been eating well...I get the bottle to her mouth and she screams! I try some baby food and she gets a few bites..better than nothing but..not much till she has had enough of that spoon.
Seizures have been small and strong. sometimes holding onto them for a second or two which can be freaky. Am unceratin about what to do.
Sleep has been at times waking in the middle of the night and going to bed much earlier than 7 or even once passed out at 6!! But wakes at 2 or 3 am happy as a clam and then falls back asleep and wakes for breakfast at about 645-7 and grumpy! wanting to go back to sleep and refusing to eat. SO then what are you doing waking up??!! Not Hungry just wants to wake me up crying and eat a few spoonfulls of banannas and go back to sleep??
What a difference yesterday was when she actually got rest! She was pretty low energy as she was not eating much..kinda a little less "noisy" than usual constant noises..I had to really look at her and wonder if she was OK...
Just not feeling good.
She is Just Off.
This morning she woke in a sleepy foul mood and was crying while I got her food down and when it came to bottle time she just screamed refusing the bottle...
Ok so as much as I REALLY wish she would eat her food and I could throw her bottles into a hot boiling furnace...
If she actually took to the solids and reasured me that she really was done with the bottle and ate like 4 jars a day! MAYBE I would be convinced that she really is done with the whole bottle thing. Something has to not feel good. SOMETHING! Her mood is so unpredictable. when a generally happy kid goes to being so grumpy and refusing to eat her normal (sometimes 2 bottles in one feeding) something is UP. I am beyond tired of using teething as an excuse but when I went to look in her mouth OHhhhh she screamed!!
This AM I made the executive decision to send her into school...she fell asleep for another 45 min this AM and seemed OK enough to fever or anything just refusing breakfast and probably sleepy from being up all night in her bed.
GAWD. what is the deal?? I cant complain about the early bedtimes...I mean that gives me a great night to myself but how can I keep her up later when she is crying for sleep? I just cant win. 8pm would be perfect! not 9 not 7 not 930 not 730...
Well I guess I may put in a call to the Pedi...and see what she has to say.
Who knows.
Ok Im done venting. Ahhhhh :)
Hubby has been away this week maybe she just KNOWS??? she always manages to be at her worse when he is gone. :(!! he is comming home tonight FINALLY!! But does this mean I have to share the covers now?? ;)

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Reagan Leigh said...

Ugh. I hate the unknown. Maybe you should take her in just to get her ears/throat checked out. Strep throat sure snuck up on us! Hang in there! Prayers for you and your little one!