Friday, March 5, 2010

Daddys Little Girl......LOL

THIS WEEK! Can I tell ya!
Ok first of all if you have been reading I have been having a hell of a time trying to get Madie to eat for reasons unknown! Hubby was away most of the week and just got back last night around dinner time..and by then I was done! Crack my bottle of wine and hand over the kid!
Well I sat her in her highchair and decided to try to feed her some Gerber Stage 3 food for dinner that I had in the we all know that it has little tiny chunks in it and well..I have been told a few times to just skip over the stage 3 food and go to regualr foods...well Madie has trouble with that stuff so maybe we WILL be starting with the 3 foods.. I like how the chunks are super soft and maybe she can kinda just suck them down or disolve them in her mouth.
So I warmed it up and fed it to her....HALF A eaither was she liked the stuff!
This kid I tell ya...Im always afraid to try new things and just stick to what works..ya know??? I sometimes am surprised at what she will tolerate. She was gobbling it down and then after that she ate 2 bottles! whoo!! Then around the perfect time of 830 she was asleep...say what?
I get discouraged easily cause for a few days she will do awesome and then one day she will totally have nothing to do with it..I guess I just give up to easily..wishing things were just THAT EASY!..
Im tellin ya she missed her dad! I just know it! maybe she can tell when I am getting tired and ready to surrender to her meltdowns. LOL.
This Morning I also tried a new thing (well tried it the other day as well) a Mushed REAL Banana in a bowl..still a little chunky cause i do not own a pure' thing but she ate it and loved it! the whole nana! (with me eating a few YUM!
Grandma would be very proud of you little girl! :D
I wonder why she has to eat with her thumb and pointer in her mouth as well.. she "suckles her food" she does not grasp that whole close your mouth and swallow food as we do automatically when we eat.

OH OH I also took her to her Pediatrican yesterday afternoon when after I picked her up from school her teacher said maybe she has a sore throat cause in feeding therapy she was swallowing funny...well she ALWAYS does that...but OK. I did not want anything to be wrong and she had not eaten a thing all day except maybe 4oz of Pear Jucie..(another NEW thing I tried in desperation for her to eat).
Sooooo I waited for an HOUR....stunk big time but it was worth the clean bill of health...thats right...Kid is FINE! say huh?? then what is the deal madie-san?? I will never know. I wondered if she was constipated...I went out on Wed night and Grandma said she had a poopie for her so I was uncertain and was not going to go into asking what the consistancy was...LOL
I gave her some Laxitive last night as well just to get the ol pipes going but she was overall just fine. happy as a clam to see daddy..and ate like a little piggie! and the most active and loud she had been ALL week.
Anyhoo looking forward to the warmer weather and finally getting this dang wet and icy winter behind us! CANT WAIT to open the windows and let the fresh air inside..other than my gripe with mother nature all else is going.

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