Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny Days and Rambles....

Gorgeous Days in CT!! Love it Love it! madie loves the fresh air and the sunshine I cannot get enough pictures of her in the grass!
I have many more pictures and couldnt decide which I liked best but they are on my facebook as well...:)

Not Much going on I guess...I have lots of fun things to look forward to as the weather gets warmer.. Madies Aunt Brenda is comming to visit from Illinos this weekend for a week long visit and then the week after than week I am having another get together with the moms from madies school...then the last weekend of the month I head out to the cottage for the first time in awhile for a weekend get away without madie...cause hubby will be traveling again the week before and madie as we all know is not great when Daddy is not home..

Called in her Valproric Acid to hartford so they can finally fix the doseage on the dang stuff...we run out too fast and then have a hell of a time re-filling..I just hope that this time things will be smooth...
No word on the Genetic test..just updating that...Well we allll know that takes time. But I am on the edge of my seat! After alll this time I seriously see it comming back with STILL no answers... but ya never know...

Some days I just want to wake up and see my baby girl cured of all this...have a brain that begins to just absorb and learn and understand more..Well there is no doubt she takes things in... the moods she gets into lets me know that for sure!
Im just tired. I want to get off the rollercoaster!
She has been super great with her eating...(to be less depressing!) and I can only hold my breath and hope it lasts...and that my patience doesnt give out and just go back to strictly bottles cause its easier.
My Main concern is still weather she will be mobile SOMEDAY! I just want her to be UP and playing and seeing the world from new perspectives..I can hardly wait for that day. My computer will crash from all the pictures and large files! LOL (oh gawd I hope not!) But I tell ya...I will cry. Just cry. Seeing my big girl on her feet.
Still persistant drop seizures...driving me nuts. driving HER nuts..zapping her when she leasts expects it. banzel continues to do nothing but make her sleepy if you ask me...I hate it. seeing drugged eyes and sleepy mornings..irritable times for sure when ya know she is sleepy but has no intention of napping.
Usually worse in the morning but after that napper IF ya get a good one..she is good to go! Happy and Alert. I still just KNOW she can be better as far as alertness!I can sense that kid inside that wants to burst out but just cant and that kills me!

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