Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleep Patterns and Rambles..:)

Hello all :)
No news on genetic test yet..that may take awhile..thought Id get that out..
Miss Madie Miss Madie..*sigh* for the past 2 nights she has been waking at 3am..yup. on the dot last night..not fussy at all...happy as a clam..making her noises juuuust loud enough so ya cant sleep! She was quiet after about an hour but then it takes me forever to get back to sleep and I tossed and turned falling asleep for a short time and waking about 730 to her crying in her bed. Ready for Breakfast. These pics were taken this Am...she never lets me get that dang tray on and loves to have her legs free from it..but it can get pretty messy for sure...but hey, if she is happy...what the hell. I think its funny. Just a dose of some of the face she was making this morning when I sat in front of her to feed her...LOL She kinda blows air out her nose and kinda snorts...its uh..."different" to say the least.

I find it pretty impossible to get her into any sort of sleep routine...she kinda gets up around oh..between 6 and 7am and goes to sleep between 8 and 9... and naps when she naps..sometimes between like 130 and 330pm.....ya just never know. sometimes on ocasion it can be by 1230 on school days when she is tired...depends. I always just let her sleep when she was sleepy..
OH so I can put her in her bed at say...oh 1pm when I would LIKE her to nap...she will cry or just entertain herself in her bed...for say an hour..and not sleep.(then I feel guilty for just leaving her in there) THEN I could take her out and she would fall asleep say a couple hours later..or even as soon as 30 min...
Madie is very much a cat napper..she will sleep say 30 minutes and then she is up. (like now...doh) and then in the meantime I really dont get much done between making sure she is not falling over hitting her head on something as she gets all over her blanket falling and sitting back up and falling and getting back up...making her way into all parts of the blanket. then when boredom strikes she crys. She loves her noisy box but only for so long..cant go leaving her there!
I fear than although she is special needs she may in fact be reaching that age when she just doesnt need a nap anymore.
I can hear her now in her bed...making that same face as shown in her pictures...sometimes ya hear a thud when she falls over and hits her rails of her crib...not always a cry but sometimes.....poor kid.
This week this mama is flying the plan solo...Hubby is out in Mass this week doing ground water sampling at a Nuke Plant that doesnt produce power anymore but has lots of wells... He loves it and he gets to trudge thru the snow and go out for beers with the guys after a long days work.
Tomorrow night I am going out with the Moms from Madies class at school for dinner and some beverages...I am pretty thankfull to Grandma for watching her tomorrow night so I can get out. It will be nice to get out of the jammy pants and get gussied up to meet new friends. :)
Tonight I order Thai Food for dinner and feast with my chopsticks and an all new LOST...(crazy laugh) I am so glued to that show and have been watching sice day one!!Not the easist show for the ADDer but that is what DVR is for...lol
have great week folks.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love kids and their sleep 'schedules'. I'm trying to go with the flow here too. Some days are nap days and some days are 'watch a movie in mommy's room so that mommy can have some peace and quiet' days. lol

Yay for DVR! I watch Biggest Loser because I haven't caught up on all the previous seasons of Lost yet. My mom owns them all so some day I will. :)