Monday, March 29, 2010

Canada and Sinus headaches.

I lay back in my computer chair with a smoking hot wash cloth over my eyes and forehead praying to the sinus gods to just rid me of this sinus deal I got going on here...since Sat...ugh.
I hate taking meds..I just hate if I did not have madie to watch I would certainly take something and be laying down all day.. but my life doesn't work that way. Madie goes and "looks like she is sleepy" then I lay her down and its another story.
So I keep on truckin.
Seizures have sucked. No sugar coating that ...they are small but strong. takes 3 or 4 to get her tired unlike the old bad boys that would knock her out for 2 hours after just one..
Its 72 freaking degrees in my house this Am and I am boiling in here! I just turned my heat off and opened some windows...its cool outside but man..better than this dry hot air comming thru the vents. Never a happy med in here. Windows open ya freeze. heat off is just slightly cold..heat on ya boil! 70 plus degrees with no fresh air sucks.
I also hate the guys who think they are in the Olympics and riding their bikes on the main roads decked out in ridiculous you know what hugging shorts and reflective helmets.....but that is another blog.
WELL I really did have a reason for blogging this Am not just to bitch and moan about the sweltering house I live

Canada is my topic. Yup Canada. Dem Canadians are going to get us some meds. Yup and Yah.. Clobazam is the newbee in our list of toxic chemicals..not started YET but doctor is going to order it. I was going back and forth with Vigabatrin and Clobazam..I leaned more to Vigabatrin but I seriously cannot find good solid info on that drug aside from 8 pages of how it can make ya blind....
ALSO we got madies genetic CMA back..ok so its still making zero sense when he tells me that she has some Extra 4 and 6 and a little more 4 than 6....uhhh sure.
Well Hubby and I are going to give some blood in the next couple weeks after the whole travel for work thing finally calms down..THEN if WE or one of us carries these differences it can mean nothing...but if we don't then we may be closer to figuring out what the heck madies deal is...or is it the other way around..:?
Anyhoo....we are in that process now and that stuff confuses me.
We can only ask ourselves what do we have to loose?? Seizures??
Ok time for some Tea.
Hugs mamas
Extra Happy thoughts for Reagan she is not feeling so hot and needs some snuggles.

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