Monday, April 5, 2010

Lifes little Updates. and Easter Dresses. :)

Ahhh Easter. Ham Dinner with Au gratin Potatoes and Asparagus and appetizers of shrimps and cheese and crackers and fruits....mmmmmmm fun stuff.
Ill start my diet tomorrow...LOL
It was wonderful having everyone together and enjoying a wonderful meal around the famous big table at my mother in laws house..
Madison lasted in her Easter Dress ALL day with no was comfortable enough dress with all cotton and no sleeves. The brothers (all my brother in laws and my hubby) threw a baseball back and forth me and madie sat in the grass and shot pictures. WHAT A GORGEOUS DAY!

I have some Med news as a call from Canada. I was REALLY hoping that I would get a call from some friendly Canadian with an awesome Canadian accent....
An Indian woman called me. An Indian woman with the thickest Indian accent EVER! I was trying to comprehend what she was telling me! OH its ONLY my childs MEDS!
Well I signed my life away and gave her the credit card number..(like there isnt enough debt on that thing) but they can only process things thru a card...and I have no debit card...
SO ANYHOOO gave her the card number and she was going to process the order...and I have to compose a letter stating that Madison is my daughter and that the her doctor has prescribed the medication for seizure disorder..just to make it thru customs...
kinda weird. But I guess it will work.

We have a follow up with hartford in a the same time Hubby and I will go and give some of our blood to help with the whole chromosome test that they have already done on madie...that is to be continued..

Tonight Hubby is watching his DVRed Mets game and its taking ALOT to not spill the beans that the mets will clobber the Marlins 7-1.....
SHHH! Dont tell! LOL
I guess not much else to report...
Missing my family lately..with summer comming blooming and the warm days and cool nights that I just love... and I can just SMELL the BBQ cooking up burgers and dogs...mmm
We are planning a BBQ next weekend to kick off the summer as well...:)
This week is a little busy.. I am volunteering for a day in Madies preschool class and I get to see a PT session which I am kinda excited about....On Thursday I am invited to a CAbi party...kinda like a jewlery party or purse party but with hideously overpriced of the moms from madies school is having it and I am desperately trying to fit in..Im just there to drink some free wine and sit back and relax. hahaha

(little sweetpea in the end all tuckered out from a busy day.)
Hope everyone has a good week and Ill keep ya posted on the meds when they 5-7 business
Plan on Weining her off the Banzel AS we begin the Clobazam.....wish us luck.

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