Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shhniffles and Superbowl Partys

The runny runny runny and did I mention RUNNY nose that my child has had for oh...going on week 3! just wont quit!
I think it certainly effects her mood..
Although she has been pooping just fine again..but I am still not taking her to dinner without some sedatives..LOL just kidding. Madie is usually great in the restaurant! She was having tummy issues and was overtired. Thats what I think anyhoo

Madie had a snow day yesterday from school..a boring day stuck at home while it was just too cold to go out anyplace. But she knew she had a break! Wide awake and loud most of the day. I was SO TIRED and just wanted her to take a small nap..nope. She knows when mama wants to sleep. I am convinced.

School has been going. They say she slept alot of her day today...which is it this cold? is it her meds? is it just the fact that she was down at 9pm and woke at 645 and had already been up for awhile? Whhhhoooo knows. I leave it out of my hands at drop off. But she has been doing some great work in the stander and with her OT as well. We are thankful for all the patience they have with miss moody.

Called up our Neuro in Hartford on Tuesday its Thursday as I type and no word back. Dunno if they have gone over madies tests from Detroit. soooo I wait. give em till end of week.
Hesitant on Clobazam but also eager to get her off Banzel as well...Its just become a part of our days..."oh madie fell over again" "shes ok, she does that all the time" "oh just get pillows" *sigh....
Its a certain acceptance I guess...yup madie will have seizures...and we can drug her up and make her miserable or we can just deal with them here and there..
The worse part of any drug is the sleepiness hands down. This kid gets druggy eyes and gets grumpy but fights that sleep I tell ya. crashes at night for bedtime. BUT sleeps all night so I guess I cant complain...
Its hard to explain I guess. I go back and forth and really dont know what to blame.
She has her days weather good or bad.
Seizures have been the best they have ever been quantity wise...but I am still convinced that they are infact plateauing her development...IF ONLY we could just NAB em!!
Anxiously wait for genetic tests to come back...doing on that test for a slew of abnormalities and the dreaded Retts Syndrome. I guess there are a few types of Retts... dunno.. I hate to think of it.. its just the hand mouthing that get me! and the fact that she cant walk yet.
Not much else to report I guess...madie is actually napping so I may close my eyes for a bit as well.
Hope everyone is well
Having a Superbowl shin-dig with family this weekend. GO SAINTS!! LOL Hubby says he will take ANY TEAM but Peyton Manning's Team!! HA!

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