Monday, February 8, 2010

Suuuper Bowl Parties and Rambles..:)

Slowly but surely madison gets over her cold..worse in the morning but her breathing sounds much better..thank god.
No word from Hartford on the Neuros Opinion on Detroit's findings...I called them today and before that I called them a week ago!
Fussing around with her Valproric Acid re-fills due to the fact that they only give us a few months at a time and we ran refused to fill it today without the offical consent...which is fine but gee wiz...we are getting reeeeally low on the stuff already...and if I try to go earlier to refill it just doesnt work..gotta wait till we have a drop left...ugh Hopefully tomorrow...Day 3 Ill be able to go get it..

"I have oooooone quuuestion" LOL...

Madison has been a little off here and there for sure with her stuffy head but other than that ...just a happy go lucky kid. making her noises and smiles and giggles..its just this dang cold that gets her irritable or overtired....:(!

Had some folks over last night for the superbowl....AHH! what a GAME! We just loved the Saints winning!Hubby was ALL about ANY team BUT Peyton Manning's team winning (We are die hard Pats Fans..being in CT..)...OMG its so funny!! We would write on the dry erase board that we have making fun of each other saying things like "Miles Loves Peyton Party soon" and he would write stuff like "Jamie is not invited" It was so we are just geeks like that.
But overall a great game...more people were over than I expected and for the first hour I was just trying to get food made and put out for everyone..whew!!I made some wings and some party meatballs...Yum-OH...:) I was so happy that everyone pitched in with weathor it was food or beer or soda or chips or fruit worked out...LOL But we have like zero seating in our small space so we were all sitting on the floor or jammmed on the couch...haha it was all good. Good Family and Friends was all we asked for :) The very sad thing is we have a HUGE basement just yearning to become a man-cave...LOL $$$
I guess other than that we are hangin in there...
Tomorrow a new day.
Time to go and get some dinner on the table tummy is rumbling...
Hope everyone is well and give kisses to all our sweetpeas.


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