Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Colds and BB Guns and Shtuff

I guess its been awhile so I figured Id ramble on...:D
Tough Week with madie...cold number THREE since Oct! geeze gimmie a break from this! She is kinda sorta back to herself whereas the beginning of the week we were looking at temps and vaporizer..but she is still clearly stuffy..I expect that to last maybe another few days till clearing up..ugh.
Tough week at Preschool as well..she was falling asleep alot and winey...but had good PT and OT sessions... came home with the tiniest lil scrape on her heel and the OT made such a fuss over it..."oh I brought her to the nurse and we cleaned it..and put a bandaid on it.." LOL I imagined like caos from the blooooood! LOL which was barely a drip..But I ask what was she doing with no shoes on? Ok so if she HAD her shoes on there would be blood on her sock right? Or even what is she doing barefoot?
Oh big deal she is FINE!
Not really any news..going to E-mail Chuagni and see about this Clozabam.. and getting off Banzel.. But that is another blog.
No news on weather he has sent stuff to Hartford Children's or
Madie has been hangin tight..drops are still reeeeeeallly annoying and the poor kid cries sometimes almost like she is like "those damn things!" Not much I can do kiddo..
In other news...well the weekend is here and we are hopefully going to go harass Grandma vanNoordenen tomorrow..she and grandpa are FINALLY home from a week long n(feeling like month long) trip to go see madies Auntie Brenda in Illinos... and I guess that is that.
OMG can I just say that some loser BB gunned our front window! Nice lil hole now..lovely..oh let me just bust out some cash to pay for that! OOO let me find you BB Gun Boy...or Girl...LOL Now if you have ever been to the town of Canton CT its very much noty ghetto...small town with a New England (can I get into the travel brochure business??) Some lil rich kid whos mom and dad bought him a pellet gun...(which is illegal in canton) shot our window! $$$ We have filed with the police and I think a flyer will be send thru the neighborhood..(we have a secret
OMG Love LOve Zoeys new walker! she looks soooo big girl standing! I cant wait for madie to stand on her own! Workin Workin..:D Madie certainly had the cleanest sneakers of any three year old I know!
She and Zoey make great tumblers...Lol
Hugs Mamas

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Heather said...

Oh Miss Madie will get there.She so will.Zoey is just digging the new view more then anything.It will be a long while till she gets rolling.But that's okay.We have time.This stuff,this stuff is the good stuff considering the last few years.

Feel better sweet Madie and that BB gun thing ... what a pain..seriously frustrating.