Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to the same ol same ol

Happy as a Clam Little Girl :D
Our Fire Place has been letting in some horrible drafts and so we had to duct tape it...for now...hints the yucky tape...if anyone "just sayin"

Well here we are finally all settled back into routine..Madie has so far had a great week back at Preschool and I even got my grocery shopping done and the yearly eyebrow waxin today as well!
Ive been trying to find a decent place local to get the ol caterpillars waxed and I decided id go to this spa/salon place in this shnazzy little shopping center in town... 30 bucks!!! ouch.
Not much news to report here I guess...still waiting for Dr Chugani to send his recommendations to Hartford and go from there.
I DO know I would not mind getting her off her Banzel...and as far as trying Clobazam I dunno..he was going to start her on a half of a half a pill...a dose he says has minimal side effects..
I guess I just dont want to loose the happy madie..I am terrified each time I try a new drug..some have been good and some bad...the worse side effects so far of any that give her side effects have been sleepiness, druggie eyes, muscle weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss...I am scared of regression (although she really hasnt shown that) Im scared that she will just not be herself...but whats a new drug...number 9 down the hatch!
I DO know that I want her drops to stop~I guess with any new med ya just try to outweigh the cons... and he(Dr C.) says that Clobazam is the #1 prescribed in Canada FOR the type of seizures that madie displays..
In other news...I MAY be sloooooowly building a social life! HAHAHA
I am excited to announce that there is a new lil boy in madies class that is a...drum roll.....SPASMS KID!! There is a GOD!! He has been in here class for 5 days now..he started the week we were in Detroit.
This little boy had Tubular Sclerosis which has caused his seizures and the Infantile Spasms he had as a baby...his seizures have reciently returned and his mom just left her job at the local middle school to stay home with him.."for now" she
Our two kids are different but I sure felt an instant bond with her..we had tried alot of the same meds..alot of been there done that He was on Vigabatrin for his seizures and it worked! but then began to effect his vision so it was stopped..he is currently medication free...but having his small seizures..:(

It began when she was hearing me talk about madies trip with one of the other moms and "just had to butt in" and she says "Did you say Madie has Seizures?"
What a great way to meet h uh?? "oh an yes, my name is Jamie as well"
To be continued on we hope to talk more..thins can get busy at drop offs and its been like 19 degrees outside so no one is motivated to get out of their cars.
Well anyhoo..this morning Madie is sportin a great head cold..pretty productive mucus so I hope it goes away sooner than later..doesnt help with all the travels an then back to school etc etc.
We are all hangin tight. Waiting f or Dr Chugani to send his stuff to Hartford and maybe just maybe get Madie off her Banzel and on Clobazam..but time will tell. :)
Well I have a passed out little...err oversized baby girl in my arms now so I guess its my cue to stop rambling.
Hope everyone is well and hangin in there.

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