Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Two front teeth

Dear God,
Please give me the strength I need to get thru these holidays...
I dont ask you for much. really. Ok maybe a much smaller butt...but geeze.!
I ask for only a happy child. A child who will nap ON COMAND. who will not break down into overtired meltdowns who will be just the happy go lucky kid I know is in there!!
Take a load off me will ya god.??
Let me breathe. Let me be able to not have to look over my shoulder or leave dinner to deal with a screaming child.
Dear God,
is that too tricky to ask?
All I ask for Christmas is my two front teeth.
Merry Christmas everyone

OK Have to add a PS to this Post...yuppers it was bad day for the toofs! I was and still am at wits end with the meltdowns...she is hurting her poor little fingers biting them :( I am armed with the Orajel and tylenol and some blankies...
Tomorrow we are off to Christmas Eve Dinner at my inlaws. I am making some Apple Pie for Desert :P
ALL IS OK Im not going to pull my eyebrows out or anything!
Merry Christmas :)


Reagan Leigh said...

I feel your pain! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

aylwardsinead said...

Poor kiddo. Munchkin make a little hand and foot that cost $2 each. They are gel filled, BPA free and you can freeze them. Because you can freeze them they hold their cold longer than other teethers. They are really helpful.