Tuesday, December 29, 2009

its the most wonderfull time of the year..

Well Christmas has come and gone and I am exhasted! Sportion a lovely head cold to go with all my holiday hangovers...lol.
Fun was had by all. So wonderfull to see my family! How I wish we all lived in the same town!Its real tough that my grandma doesnt get to see madie as much as she would like to...she was so proud of madie for the things she has been doing..eating her foods and sitting etc etc. It was a thrill to just sit madie in the middle with her wrapping paper collection..lol
Everyone was all kisses and hugs for my madie and chock full of adorable new outfits, toys and story books. This mama made out pretty well as well! My favorite gifts were my new cell phone and my new winter coat.:) Yup, I have not had a cell phone for years! OR a new winter coat! (thank you to my mother in law)
Hubby also got me the movie "UP" which I cannot rant and rave about more! if you dont have it SO go get it :D Its great.
I am weary from this whole christmas...it was a long couple days driving back and forth to New Jersey and all the festivites..whew.
NOW we relax for a few days and in about a week we head to Detroit with our madie. I want it to be over already. Am I crazy for going?? I just know that something has to give with her "drops" they are just not quitting. I give Banzel some good credit I suppose but on a higher dose the kid just wont eat her food...takes that appetite right away. UGH. I told the neuro that and he did not seem concerned...DOES HE UNDERSTAND THAT SHE IS ALREADY UNDERWEIGHT??? UGH.
So far on the dose she is on now she has been OK...drops are more in the AM but then kinda taper off and randomly appear thru the day... I just hope that Dr.Seizure can give us some insight to these things. I go in with no expectations...maybe a few...
Madie is super vocal this morning...lol I think she has gotten over her cold and teething hump...Now I get to have the cold...but dont worry I have all my teeth...lol
Its a bitter cold windy morning in CT as we wait for the TV dish guy to come and hook us up with some HD TV and DVR..hubby is sticking around to wait for him and then is off to work for a few hours...
Me? well I trudge thru my cold and do some laundry and try to entertain madie the best I can. She is begginning to resist the naps...or at least give me really short naps. doesnt want to miss a thing. oh my Madie.
(hee hee if I could only record her noises right now)

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