Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year :)
This was Dec last year..its hard to believe a year already since this Christmas card picture :) still in her bumbo seat...she has come leaps...but maybe not bounds
To recap the year..whew...dunno. the great thing about this time last year was madie was completely seizure breaks my heart that she is STILL dealing with her jerks and drops now...when the seizures go away its never far in my mind that they will return...seems they always do..all we hear from our doctor is that "unfortunately she is in the hard to control category"
OH what a SHOCKER!! Ugh. so I'm just supposed to take that and just move on.."oh she has seizures every day...just ignore her"
OK positive thinking!! Its a new year terrifies me and excites me at the same time. The fears of the unknown and with hopes that my madie will reach new milestones and get some pounds on her little 30 pound self..(although in my selfish mind I don't want to let go of those tiney lil toes that I love to squeeze and kiss so much. lol.) and build those muscles and someday stand on her own..Am I pushing my expectations?
Yup as much as I hate to say it my little girl is growing...she will be FOUR this year! I cant imagine it! I certainly never imagined having a four year old like madie when I was pregnant and putting together all her new baby gear and washing her little clothes...
She is very demanding of attention lately..lots of crying to be held and fussing just to fuss..then when you take her in your arms and carry her she is fine.Even giggling and smiling away with her funny noises... Much more aware of her surroundings and what she wishes for!
I am certainly Madies free taxi! LOL
She continues to sit times still only falling when she has an episode we call them...but happy most of the times..
Teething pain can be tough sometimes but a little tylenol and a 30 min snooze usually cures that. The meltdowns are just unconsolable.
OMG I have to mention...
NAPS? what are those? Naps are getting shorter as well...I think its the age when kids began to give up their naps..making my day pretty long indeed. but in the upside she is down to bed by 815pm. If only our kids could tell us huh?? dang.
Well anyhoo...its snowing like crazy in Ct this morning and we spend the day being lazy...watching the snow and maybe making some cookies..makes me wanna make cookies when it snows...hahaha "on the rd to weight loss" is my motto!

Well I hope everyone has a safe and healthy new year. No plans for the night tonight. still getting over a yucky head cold..maybe a pay-per-veiw movie and a pizza :)
Please keep sweet Reagan in your prayers and or thoughts that she feels better and that these dang doctors can figure something out to help her out :(!!
Ever wonder how lil Austin is doing as well and that santa treated him well this christmas.
(((hugs mamas)))

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