Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Countdown to Detroit...

I seriously uploaded pictures to blog like a couple hours ago and now I am seeing it and going "oh, I was blogging" LOL
Just a quick one today as I am kinda running around the house trying to get laundry done and our mighty list of shtuff to bring to Detroit on Tueday!
OMG I am already wanting it to be over I just hate to have to put madie thru the ordeal but I remind myself that they are in fact PAINLESS tests..that she will have two days to recover and relax afterwards when we visit with her Aunt Cathy who lives right outside the city..
I think the hardest parts for me will be seeing her all wrapped up looking like an accident victim and having to sedate her for the PET scan..I hate sedation stuff..:(

Ive packed her comfiest jammys and lots of extra T-shirts..even found some of those travel wash cloths with soap already in them and some disposable bibs so I am not worring about dirty raggies and bibs..GO ME! lol

madison has been a bundle of love today. rolly polly and sitting tall and pushing with those knees when she is on all fours...its CRAZY! there are not enough pillows and daddy barriers to stop her!
Yesterday we went out to a resturant and met up with a couple of friends for some food and when we got home grandma says that she fell asleep at 630...well meaning a later than usual nap! DOH>!
Well by Midnight she was finally calmed down enough from her giggle fests and sitting in her crib...whew.
BUT slept till 830! shoo wee! It worked to out advantage in the end,...but boy was I tired..good thing I behaved myself at the resturant and diddnt drink alot..just good conversation and food. :)
How could I be mad at madie...OMG she was laughing and laughing and laughing...then Id go in her room and she would be sitting tall in the middle of her crib, raise her arms and want to be picked up..Id tell her "no sir" and lay her down, put her music on and cover her up..
Then up up up she would go..back to sitting.. hahaha
OHhhhh just wait till I catch her STANDING!! One day at a time mama...
She was sure a booger...I was able to feed her when we got home so she had a full tum tum at least and woke hungier for a bottle and a half!
I am still struggling with her solids...but U keep on..trying 2-3 times a giving up!!
Pictures are from a couple nights ago when we tried on her new jammys for size..hee hee Great Grandma Voegler got these for her..I loooove jammys! :D
I hope everyone is hangin in there and had a good new years..did absolutly nothiing here...hahaha Im such an old geezer!
Aged at least 5 years since madie!
Well Im off. More laundry and packing..tomorrow we gotta go get some travel size things..these days they dont let ya bring a full size toothpaste...may be hidin someting in there!