Saturday, December 5, 2009

good eye exams, holidays, preschool, and snow.YUP all in one!!

Well Kiddies, I guess I have a few things to report.
Madison had her second eye doctor appt ever a few days ago..the first was when she was on ACTH at 11 months! (checking for any signs of pressure in the eye...)
Well her vision is fine and her eyes looked good. We sat for almost an hour while the drops dialiated her eyes and watched Monsters She fell asleep in her stroller for a bit so I just read my book..everything went so was just boring..
Doctor will see her in 2 years if nothing changes or she doesnt hurt her eye or anything crazy like that..
Holidays are aproaching and friends are having partys and family dinners and drives to New Jersey to see my family...whew! comming soon! Before we know it!
I have yet to get the christmas cards out...I went to Target to get Photo paper for my lil printer and they dont sell it anymore! HUH? So I may try Best Buy and if they dont have it well...maybe I can them...gets pricey that way paying for individual cards...but we shall see.
Preschool has been going well. Madie has her days when she doesnt wanna do anything they ask of her but it pushes her...they have her in the stander every day now.. we really want to get those muscles strong! She does great with her OT..that is the fun stuff...swings and vibrating toys and kooosh! she loves her I cant find those dang things anywhere! dont they sell them anymore?? (note to WOuldnt it be cool to have a huge pit full of kooshes! LOL

Today snow is in the forcast for we had temps almost reaching 70! and well...the weather is posting alerts that are so wimpy.....2-4 inches...PPFT! (just have to laugh about that)
Last night can I just say that Madie was a bundle of giggles and lovin..she was up till nearly 10 pm (with the help of a 3pm nap!) and still up at 630am!
Sometimes I just dont understand why she is so much more active at night..whereas in the morning she is kinda sleepy and grumy at times and not so full of energy...meds kicking in? dunno...does she sleep ALL night? Dunno...its my hunch. she very well may be waking in the night and just entertaining herself while we sleep...
Her Drop seizures are still present but I dunno if those really effect her sleep..but maybe they do..
The Banzel has really taken an edge off for sure but not curing anything by no means...I wish we did not have to have her on it at all...but we all know that drill. Doctor wanted a tab and a half in AM and in PM..making a total 600mg a day..Well I am going with a tab and half just at night...and keeping just a tab in the AM...TOO MUCH! and she is fine. tried the full dose for a few days and she was..hazy and grumpy...warm...just "off" Too much. madie still gets sleepy about 2 hours after waking...just dont get it...and she is up all night..happy as can be!
I am some doctor huh? UGH!
Well anyhooooo today we try to get some of the leaves out from under the bushes before this so called HUGE storm hits us and we can get the chritsmas lights up! We still have no tree...I opt for fake ones but the real ones are pretty fun to chop down and smell sooooo good! BUT the needles! OMG who gets to clean those up?? take a guess...
Well I I'm outta here.
Ill blog as the holiday gets closer and post the chritsmas card picture on here when I get a good one...just need a good "setting" for madie's "photo shoot"
Hang in there mamas..and you know who you are!

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