Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Preschool Day, Christmas Trees, and Apple Pies.

I am so proud of my big girl today! she had a great day at preschool today and was full of vocalizations and stood in her stander for 30 minutes! there are wheels on the stander and the teacher wheels her thru the gym or the classroom or does music or whatever to entertain her while she works her muscles at the same time.
Will my madie ever stand on her own? Will she ever know how to use her arms to get herself up? Well we are all working on that goal...and we take one day at a time. For her to tolerate that stander as long as she did is great to me!
She was up last night for reasons unknown crying about 2ish in the AM...I was sooo tired..she was sitting in her crib and I layed her back down and covered her with her blankie and she went back to sleep...strange.. The two of us were not up till 8am! Oh sleep glorious sleep! But that meant that I had an hour to get her ready and fed for school..rush but she ate her oatmeal and bottle and we bundled her up good and we were off!
Its been so cold in CT..we had a yucky mixed storm yesterday that dropped a few inches of all kinds of yuck..It ended up being a snow day for madie..and she just knew it! woke all kinds of loud and
Today I make Apple Pie and do laundry that seems to never end...Madie has granted me a nearly 2 hour nap I feel like I have had the day off!! Can get WAY to used to that!
Well Christmas approaches and I tell ya folks we are tapped out! I am SO done spending money...on food, on gift cards, on presents, its just draining..
No Tree this year...I guess we are a no go for that...I mean we are half way to Christmas why bother now...
Im sad to not see a tree in the window..the one last year was so pretty! Just another "low budget Christmas" what the heck is a tree anyhoo?? Oh well. I will not complain as I am not helping to afford the dang thing.
In the meantime I have been in hog heaven making pies and cakes...oh man it smells better than any apple cinnamon candle I tell ya...
As I try to eat better....LOL what can ya do eh??
Well on that note I hear a little person making noise and my hunch is she will be hungry :)
I hope everyone is doing well..Keep Sweet Reagan in your prayers...she is going thru some tough tummy stuff....and no one seems to know just WHY!
OH and a shout out to Austins mom hiding in her cave...hello? hello? where are you? LOL
This weekend we head to good friend of ours' place for a christmas party of and yummy eats and maybe some christmas
Well I guess that is enough out of me...comming madie!! eek!
Just sent out like 30 Christmas cards..and realized I may have forgotten Madies great grandma! OF All people!! gettin there gettin
Hugs mamas
and dads too

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