Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miss Madie-san

LMAO well had no new pictures of Madison in awhile and figured id take some of her majesty eating tonight...
she puts her feet up like this lately so I cannot get the highchair tray on...sometimes when I force my way in with the tray she cries! Oh gee... I tell ya this kid is sure getting a sense of what she wishes for...
Like say for example...when I put her down on her blanket to sit..she puts both arms out to her side waiting for me to pick her up. When she puts her arms out to the sides and I walk past her without picking her up and she cries...
Something she never did.

we are going for madies FIRST dentist app as well! dirty teeth! time for her first cleaning..

In med news..where do I begin..its so hard for me to find the words...
I think that Madie is too tired.
Every morning weather she is crying or making happy noises...the moment that mama gets into the room and gets her out of her crib she is happy..hungry..but happy..
She kicks her little legs while I carry her downstairs and talk to her as I am getting her into her matter what she is wide eyed and happy when you get her out of bed and she knows that the yum yums are coming..
A couple hours after her drugs are given she is so stinkin tired..hazy eyes, grumpy for sleep...fighting that sleep....winey...hazey eyes...just fighting that sleep...I mean she gets good sleep each night and there is no reason for her to be so sleepy only 2 hours after waking......After her nap she is usually ready to go..and better but I really would like more alertness in the AM...last night she was out by 7! right after her bath.But in defense to that her naps were short..
I am so uncertain if its the meds or if MAYBE she is awake earlier than we think she is sitting in her cric entertaining yesterday she was up at 545 making noise...then I got her up and changed her and she fell back asleep with us in bed..... till 830!just wanted to get changed huh?
I refuse to feed her till I AM READY to get up...Im talking like 7am is kinda the general rule here..forget that 330 am waking or 530 am sir..she waits...We were past that late night feeding crap at 3 months! Eat some more foods than madie! "just sayin"
Usually she is making happy noises anyhoo...but not so often she is up like that...

Shes 3 and a small part of her is like a regular 3 year old...
She is seeing the world and wants to be entertained alot more than she used to be...and letting us know that...winey and crying and when I pick her up or hold her and make faces at her she is happy as a clam....she reaches out for my head with those wet fingers and grabs noses, hair, ears, and claws! LOL pinchy!and very sticky!
Not so used to that! She even holds onto my shirt when I carry her and gets like a death grip! LOL
Well I guess that is all I will be rambling about this morning..Madie is back to sleep and I need breakfast.
I will let you all know how the Dentist goes in a small PS...weathor good or bad..
PS well needless to say she was not back to was time to get to Dentist so I got her up and we were off.
The waiting room at this place was SO NICE! dim lighs and a cool fish tank and tons of magazines..
Madie was not in a great mood when we got there..she was crying in the waiting room for a bit and then I put her back in her stroller where her eyes got super heavy..Uh oh...sleeping...
I held her to the side while the doctor looked inside her mouth and she let us ALL know that she was not havin it! But there was no cavitys and no harm was done..just a quick polish and some gunk picking...yuck. She has an overbite and some spaces..which is due to her sucking her thumb so much but there is not much we can do about that..
He also tells me that our water in my town does not have floride in he gave me a script for some floride drops that we have to give her till her big teeth come will I guess get to her bigger teeth to make them strong for life. Whats another Oral Syringe eh??
Well we left and all was good. she goes back in 6 mo.
And that is that.

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