Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or treats.

I vote for Treats!
Just carved the second pumpkin this moring while Miss madie is at school..
Rough day yesterday for her she was up at 4am and them at 630 am and school was at 9 and she did not go back to sleep leaving her overtired for sure. Well she needs to learn that its SCHOOL TIME and that she needs to sleep when its SLEEP time!
I left her this Am and she was smiles so I hope that was a good sign for a good day..despite the tears this morning....Packed a blanket for her incase of meltdowns..
Well Halloween is comming and supposed to be OK weather for the kiddies..Cant wait to get the pumpkin lights up and get those carved pumpkins glowing! I love any sort of holiday/festive decor! Its so fun!
Eating has been going real well..3 jars a day and bottles of Pediasure inbetween.well Boost Kid Essentals...each one comes with a 5 dollar off 2 pack coupon so we have been ALL bout those! She has been eating great! pooping great! (3x daily!) and well...seems to like everything I try with her...she seems to be in a spirt...growth and development wise.. I HOPE! They are so good with her at school and love her to pices! Other moms are Ok..still warming up to them..I am by no means a PTA mom...only one gave me a look so I guess we did not bond..LOL
Still a strange concept...I keep thinking that she is napping...
Well I guess that is all for now..better get a load in the laundry and go get the lil booger.

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Reagan Leigh said...

Love that pumpkin! It's great that you finally have some time to yourself and that Madie seems happy in school. Good things!