Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Danvahs Mass and great weekend :)

Ahh homeward bound. A great weekend seeing my sister in Danvers :) I stayed with her boyfriends parents who are just the greatest most welcoming people..we ate well, we laughed well, we chatted well...it was nice :) Allllways hard to leave. Madison left with many new presents as well ..how could I argue with that! lol
Madison had her meltdowns for reasons unknown but a little tylenol had her happy again..
Madison allways gives me a few hard times when Im flying solo with her..never fails.
She has begun to cry when I put her down or if I ignore her for a few minutes she lets me know she is there! Once I got her just close to her bed and she was crying."ok ok, I know..no bed!" she loves to be carried and even at times holds onto my shirt when there is turbulance..lol
Back to the grind tomorrow..Day 2 of preschool and more laundry to get done! jealous?
Madison will have her first OT and PT as well..hope it goes well :D Tomorrow is a shorter day due to teacher meetings..so an easy start for her this week.
OH and I have a little moaning to do as well..
6o minutes?? WTF? 15 minutes squeezed inbetween medicare fraud and tyler perry dressing as that ridiculous fat woman?? kidding right?
they could make a mini series about what we go thru with our doctors and the drugs and watching our child continue to have seizures after numerous drugs! It sucked and quite frankly I got nothing from it. girl with inovative implant..ok ok that was interesting but...cmon!
Well I guess that is all from me. Im a little behind reading blogs but but Im gettin there!

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