Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Waiting...

true blogzilly
NO word from the EEG yet...I was the pushy mom and called yesterday about 1130am and was told the doctor had not even read it yet...
OK OK so test was done Monday I guess I need to give it some time..
FOR NOW I care not to think about anything that is NOT POSITIVE!!
Madisons great grandma is flying in tonight and we go to the families house to have dinner and some "sodas" ;) Hopefully weather pending..if it stays gorgeous and cool outside madie and i will head to cottage on Friday morning or thursday for a long weekend :)
Hubby has been working like a crazy man lately and it makes for looooong days for this mama...just jonesin for a dose of the crazy family :)
I will certainly keep everyone posted on what I hear from Neurology even if means I post twice today...still early as I type....830am...
Madison continues to be her usual self..big girl sitter I cannot be more proud of her new moves..although a little tough on the head sometimes...LOL but gets right back up and sits some more..
keep the prayers going for sweet little bennett and his recovery :)
....and where is Austins mommy?
OH OH and Camis mom is MAYBE having her baby!! I have not seen her on our facebook chats!
have a super fantastic delightfull weekend..(cue chinease music)


Holli said...

I'm here! Lurking around everyone else's blogs...

Good idea...positives only! That's the direction I'm working on myself. Working on a blog entry about that too!

Hoping the waiting ends soon..

Liz said...

Hope you get the results soon. I can't stand the waiting. Since Monday? I'd have been at the office asking for the report. But I have no patience whatsoever.

And I like your blogzilly style graphic.

Hoping results are good and you hear them soon!

Reagan Leigh said...

What is taking so long?!?!? I keep checking, hoping to see an update! I know you must be going crazy!